WRC 7 Download game

WRC 7 download

WRC 7 download Another preview of a series of rally games created by Kylotonn Racing Games studio. Production of licensed FIA World Rally Championship, so that during the campaign we take in thirteen true rallies, which translates to as much as themselves and thirty-six. This does not lack intelligent drivers and advertise sponsors. The WRC 7 subgroup is a development of the usefulness of WRC 6. Developers most needed in the latest measures, which have forced improvements in this year’s machines. In addition, we have been tackled to eliminate minor deficiencies, such as too short braking distance. All this makes the game a bit more demanding than before and closer to reality. Title playing in single and multiplayer modes, including locally on a split screen.


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Description of the game

WRC 5 was good although there were some (very) shortcomings. In the WRC 6 Kylotonn Games team got rid of some of them, but the effect still left nico to wish. Perhaps WRC 7 free game will finally be what we are waiting for. And waiting can begin, because the game was officially announced.
So far, we do not know much about the WRC 7, which is the latest part of the series on the official FIA World Rally Championship. Actually all the information we have learned can be summarized in one sentence:The first trailer for the game was also announced, which features a rather striking description, announcing “new cars, more powerful and aggressive than ever before” and encouraging them to prepare themselves for “dirt in those muddy beauty and experience that has never been so realistic.”

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Story of game

Walking the WRC 7 free pc game is a bit harder than last year, a significant change is the lengthening of the braking distance, which for many in WRC 6 was too short. Several minor improvements in driving physics have been introduced, which the FIA has ordered to use in this year’s rally cars. Hops are even more dangerous if we land badly, the trip on the road is guaranteed, it is also more difficult to keep the car on a straight road and lead them out of the slip. Still in the process of crossing the stretch, we may encounter unexpected unhappiness, like a punctured tire. We can then stop and fix the wheel, which will cost us 30 penal seconds or try at a lower speed to reach the finish line. In WRC 7 there is no time reversal option, it is only an option for a quick return to the track with a few penalty seconds.
The WRC 7 audiocassette is quite satisfactory, the cars sound fantastic, and their look can be admired not only on routes, but also in a special lounge where we look at every detail. Atmospheric conditions significantly impede visibility, and trampling on the route drastically decreases, which requires the player to constantly focus and listen carefully to the pilot’s instructions. Driving sensations are extremely pleasant, especially when I’m on the steering wheel and struggling with the feedback effects. WRC 7 does not introduce significant revolutions in the market for rally cars, it’s just another successful production for rally fans who want to play some seasons from the official WRC calendar.

For the fans of the sofa game, there is a split screen mode for two players, who are fantastic in the arena. Multiplayer struggles continue to offer a number of challenges and e-sports struggles. We can race with other players on singles or in full races. To the private lobby we can also invite friends and create a closed rally in good company. In hot chair mode, players can compete by handing the controller from hand to hand.

There are 13 rallies in the game, one less than in WRC 6, there is no Rally China, which for many drivers has been pushed to the WRC calendar, and has been relinquished, for example, because of floods and financial problems. One of the fastest and most difficult in the WRC calendar is WRC 7, which includes two special sections: Baranowo and Chmielewo. One super special episode of Mikolajki Arena, which is a closed track after which two teams race on parallel routes. New in the WRC 7 are epic stretches, such as the length of which reaches 23 km, and the ride will take up to 17 minutes of continuous fight on the route (Best player on the day of the release was 13:31)

WRC 7 Free PC Game

WRC 7 Free pc game download

PC Downloaden Game