Guild Wars 2 : Path of Fire download pc game free

Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire Download game

Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire Free pc game download

The action of Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire free pc game takes place after the events of the earlier DLC – Heart of Thorns. After the heroic heroes thwarted Balthazar’s plan of conquest of the world, the god of war and fire, his gaze turned to the south of Elon’s kingdom and the Crystal Desert. The task of the heroes is to stop the victorious procession of his ominous army before the entire land falls under her weight.


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Description of the game

For the needs of Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire authors have prepared a lot of new content. Among the attractions developed by them, there are five new zones waiting to be visited; What is interesting is that the locations are larger in size than all the places we have been able to visit so far. At this point it is worth noting that their exploration is possible both on foot and on the back of one of several mounts. The latter serve not only to transport our character (thanks to which we can get into difficult places) – they give us real support during the battle with opponents. In addition, the creators have made nine elite specializations for our heroes, allowing for the further development of the heroes of the eighties. The list of novelties closes with fresh-smelling guild headquarters, clashes with powerful bosses, and new armor, weapons and costumes inspired by Elona’s culture.

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Story of game

In short, whether or not we adhere to this way of keeping the game moving, ArenaNet is now reaching the conclusion of Season 3 of Guild Wars 2, marked by a marked improvement in quantity and quality of the content proposed to the player, both in terms of writing, staging, and concrete things to be put under the tooth. This brief summary of the game’s philosophy finished, it is time to enter the spoiler area. Go to two paragraphs if you do not want to know what happened to the MMO.

Mordremoth, the dragon of the jungle is now defeated. The main antagonist of the Heart of Thorn expansion has been defeated by the players in season 2 of the living world of Guild Wars 2 Path of Fire. Since the fall of the dragon, the magic component is spreading gradually through the lines of force which traverse the subsoil of Tyria. The concentration of magic reaches a critical level and attracts the lusts of many groups of researchers and mercenaries. Strange phenomena occur through the network of lines of force, while the Priory of Durmand, the Consortium and the Enquete are interested in this massive influx of magical energies.

The Crystal Desert is an area south of the Flaming Peak Mountains which serves as a bridge between the continents of Tyria and Elona. This new land full of riches will resonate for some veteran players as a sweet nostalgic reminder of moments spent within the Nightfall extension of the first installment of Guild Wars. The opportunity also for the talented teams of Guild Wars 2 Path of Fire artists to leave the green of Maguuma for environments that are certainly more arid, but also not devoid of marvels to discover. With its luxurious ancient temples with refined oriental architecture, immense pyramids to explore, forgotten ruins of temples and lush oases, the five new areas of the expansion again showcase exploration and mystery . It is also one of the great strengths of the game, that of always marveling visually with its unique graphic style resulting from the work of a team that we feel more than ever mature.

Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire Free PC Game

Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire Free pc game download

PC Downloaden Game

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