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Skill-style sports game in NBA Street style. Production is licensed by the NBA league, so we are led by players such as Allen Iverson. Athletes roll street basketball jumps, jump to high ground, perform crazy developments, and so on. NBA Playgrounds is a PC Windows arcade sports arcade game that will be appreciated by fans of the NBA Street series. Saber Interactive studio is responsible for the production. With Inversion and TimeShift. Play in the NBA Playgrounds does not have much to do with reality – jumpers are unreachable in real life, on the fly perform various evolutions, etc. However, the fun is based on normal rules and our job is to participate in street basketball games where points We win by throwing the ball into the basket.


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Description of the game

Gameplay is arcade and very accessible, so everyone can try their hand. However, the creators have taken care of various attractions, so mastering all nuances and plays takes time. In the production we run real players, because developers have been licensed to the NBA league. As a result, we can embrace retired stars such as Allen Iverson and current basketball players, including Steven Curry and George Hill. Interestingly, they are gaining new skills during the game so they can perform even more frantic evolutions. NBA Playgrounds version for Windows PC platform makes it possible to play in singles and multiplayer variants. Struggling with other people takes place locally, although of course there is also internet gameplay. Just like the gameplay, the NBA Playgrounds graphic design does not try to imitate reality. The title was created in a cartoon style, the players are a kind of real caricature of the players, and the game is accompanied by a variety of light effects. This style of design works perfectly with gameplay.

Story of game

NBA Playgrounds is a basketball game produced by Saber Interactive and released by Mad Dog Games. The title appeared on the computers and consoles PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Production Saber is a basketball game, specifically about street basketball, presented with a lot of wink. The players, though known from the NBA parquet floor, look like cartoon characters, perform games impossible to do by the ordinary mortal, and if that were not enough creators also modified the rules of basketball. In the NBA Playgrounds, we can earn more than three points per turn as long as we meet certain conditions, such as getting the first points or throwing a perfect throw. So theoretically, you can get as many as five points for a single throw. Also worth mentioning are other patents. Each player during the game is accompanied by a stamina indicator that shrinks after some actions, such as bumps. This makes it wise to rationalize the forces. The second myk is, on the other hand, bonuses randomly awarded to our team if we acquire a special indicator that fills up after making effective and effective play. Such an example bonus is a roll off the slot machine or less time for the rival to carry out the action. In the NBA Playgrounds singles variant, six tournaments are waiting to be played. In addition to winning the game, the game also gives us other, optional guidelines, such as making a specific number of throws for three points or blocking a rival’s throw. We receive rewards for it. In turn, we receive cards with players – both contemporary and legendary. Once the card has been won, the player becomes playable. At the start the developer prepared about 150 cards, and the other made as long as possible.

Studio Saber Interactive has stated that the arcade NBA Playgrounds for basketball lovers will be available next week, May 9. Full list of target platforms is PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. No plans have yet been announced for the transfer of titles to personal computers. The project resembles the undisputed NBA Jam, posing for dynamic action in two-on-two duels, not realism. There is also a comic, exaggerated graphics, with a large number of players including. An American studio with a Russian development team has taken care of an official license, so there will be 30 NBA teams in the game, as well as a whole bunch of basketball players – those of today and those of the past. Game modes will include loneliness, but also multiplayer rivalry, locally or online, including tournaments. There will also be mad runes and lures. The creators intend to expand the list of available players in the future. They also ensure that the NBA Playgrounds are easy to learn, yet offer the depth of fun mechanics to be able to constantly improve their skills.

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PC Downloaden Game

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