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Tekken 7 is another part of one of Namco’s most popular brawl series. Katsuhiro Harada, the producer of earlier hits, was overseeing the development. Players can reap the rewards of their favorite heroes to take part in the spectacular fights they take on varied theaters and feature themed fictions. Tekken 7 is the seventh full-fledged version of one of the most popular 3D fighting games ever released by Namco. Tekken 7 debuted in native Japan on arcade machines in March 2015, and the teaser version was released in stores in July 2016.


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Description of the game

New theaters, characters, costumes and items and a number of improvements on the ground of mechanics. This version was used to create a game for home consoles and, for the first time in its history, also PCs. Katsuhiro Harada, the producer of earlier parts of the series, watched over the whole development work. As a typical free-style fighting game, Tekken 7 focuses on one-on-one duels. So the game’s core is the spectacular clashes of warriors, set in special arena with the ability to use elements of the environment. There are 36 playable characters available, including the well-known warriors of the series as well as some fairly new characters. Among the major new features of Tekken 7 are the two previously inaccessible mechanics. The first of these, called Rage Art, allows you to derive a critical series of attacks that take up to 30 percent of your opponent’s energy when the hero’s health bar is near zero. The second novel, called Power Crush, allows you to continue attacking even after being hit and imbalanced by your opponent.

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Story of game

Tekken 7 is the seventh installment of one of the most popular brawl series by Bandai Namco. Again, we can take part in the Iron Fist Tournament organized by one of the major criminal organizations. As usual, the story revolves around the power struggle between individual members of the Mishima family – Diabolic gene. However, it is time for a final battle that will resolve the conflict over the years. The game is a three-dimensional killer in which we fight one on one. The gameplay is based on the ingress of complex combinations that allow the blows to connect in long sequences. Tekken 7 has a feature mode in which we keep track of the history for this part of the story, as well as the classic arcade game experience that is similar to the slot machine game. In addition, we can face a living opponent on one screen or through the network to fight opponents from all over the world. Traditionally, the series returns the ability to match the look of the warriors to their own needs.

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