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Astroneer is designed for PCs sandbox, in which we follow an astronaut explore alien planet. During the game we have to look for artifacts and raw materials, to deal with the threats and build both objects and vehicles, and whole bases. Astroneer is released on the PC platform Windows sandbox action adventure game that discusses the discovery of alien planets. This is the debut project studio system era Softworks. Astroneer The action takes place in the XXV century, at a time when humanity is rapidly expanding its sphere of influence in the galaxy.


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Description of the game

Technologies for fast and cheap travel star made the situation Began to resemble a gold rush times. Enterprising explorers on Their Own it on the boundaries explored space, risking Their lives in exchange for a chance to win a fortune. It is in These daredevils take on players. In the game, all the planets and moons are generated procedurally, and their surface is made up of voxels. We are driven by our astronaut equipped with tools that enable far-reaching development of the environment, which allows him to eg. To dig holes in order to explore the raw materials, artifacts or shipwrecks. The collected valuable items and materials can be sold or used in the crafting system. It allows not only for the construction of tools and vehicles, but also for the construction of bases, ranging from simple structures designed to rest once, until after the mini town. Procedurally generated world has an open structure and between objects blue traveling with the spacecraft. Of course, players also have the ability to modify and construct these units. Most of the time we spend but on the surfaces of planets and moons, where he explored the need to discover the secrets of extinct civilizations and dealing with the numerous threats. Each world has visited other conditions affecting, among others, gravity, the type of raw materials or encountered danger.

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Story of game

When players think today about space exploration, probably the first skojarzaniem is No Man’s Sky, the second and the occupation, which was the first ever version of the debut project studio Hello Games. It is true that the latest updates have significantly improved the situation, but it can not be ruled out that a lot of people alienated the very idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis type of game. For this reason, today’s debut in early Astroneer the Access Steam and Xbox Preview able to meet with a rather cold reception. “He could,” because the first Steam user reviews seem to indicate that the alpha version works six-studio system era looks promising. What exactly is Astroneer? As you can guess, this is another game set in space, and based on the model survivalowym game. We therefore departing astronauts to space in order to gain a fortune on foreign planets, and the whole thing comes down to the exploration and creation of objects. Against the background of similar production title distinguish two things. First, the game universe is made up of voxels – simple, indeed the basic three-dimensional objects, which on the one hand, implies a quite original appearance of the whole of the other – facilitates far-reaching modification of the environment. This latter is achieved through the use of a second characteristic element in the form of a special “vacuum cleaner”, which is also used to collect resources and allows you to change the area in a way that – according to the authors – associated with fun plasticine. The game will focus on the challenge player with the environment, but it already offers network cooperative mode for up to four players. As we mentioned, Astroneer so far debuted in the alpha version, costing $ 19.99 on Steam. The full version will have to wait a year or two, the assembly system Era plans to first focus on repairing potential errors and stability issues.

Only then, as we read on the official blog, the studio will be working on adding new content, and later – on implementing further mechanisms play. With more accurate you’ll stick can be read in a specially prepared table with the priorities indicated in blue, and the color orange – things over which team is already working and will be added in the coming updates. The title supports Xbox Play Anywhere, allowing the buyer a copy of the store Microsoft will be able to use it on both the Xbox One and a computer running Windows 10. We have mentioned the positive acceptance of an early version of Astroneer. At the time of this writing the title he lived almost three hundred user reviews, of which only 10% commented negatively about the game, and even in these comments is difficult to speak about the harsh criticism – rather considerable caution writing. As we read, the production is “promising,” but there is no shortage of technical problems, but rather it is not surprising in the case of Alpha. A separate issue is the fact that the current version does not offer much in comparison with – would not look far – the current release of No Man’s Sky. Similar attention was editor of the site Rock, Paper Shotgun, but that did not stop him in the publication of very positive text on Astroneer. The author points out that even the resource gathering or crafting – in other productions in the long run boring – they give a lot of fun, including by means of said “vacuum”. The whole is – in his opinion – by far the most promising basis for this type of games. It remains to wait for further updates and – of course – version 1.0.

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