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No Man’s Sky is developed by a team of Hello Games action adventure game with a huge sandbox procedurally generated world. During the game we take part in the battles of space, exploring space alien planet and discover the seabed. No Man’s Sky is released on the PC space sandbox, which combines two well known players species. The game as it allows to explore the galaxy from the cockpit of the ship, like the classic space simulator, and at the same time also offers the chance to explore the surface of planets, which was conducted in the style of the famous first-person shooters.


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Description of the game

Production was established in aiming account a series of Joe Danger studio Hello Games, and is by far the most ambitious of his previous projects. The authors describe Their work as a tribute to the old science fiction novels, of Which the title draws on, both in terms of plot and visual style. No Man’s Sky announced in late 2013. Initially it not disclosed hardware platforms, but after a few months, the authors confirmed that the game will debut on the PlayStation 4, and some time later will be released on PCs. Ultimately delay the release on the PC amounted suddenly three days in relation to the console. In terms of content, both editions are identical, but the players pecetowi having powerful graphics hardware can get better than what it offers PlayStation 4, eg. By increasing the resolution. The game is set in an undefined future. Fun takes place in a procedurally generated galaxy, consisting of more than eighteen trillion planets – which in practice means that regardless of how many people will buy this title and how long will it play in most corners of the universe remains undiscovered.

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Story of game

Procedurally generated was virtually every element of the virtual world. In this way, they created planetary systems and their constituent planets, all manner of flora and fauna together with drawings of behavior, different geological structures and individual aliens living in the few buildings and space stations. It is important, however, is that the galaxy we visit the players is common to all, not created anew every time you start the game. As a result, fans can share the coordinates leading to the discovered planets and the other users will go to the specified coordinates, you will find exactly the same as their predecessors. No Man’s Sky does not offer a traditional role-playing campaign – this is a true sandbox and nothing herein shall affect the freedom of action of players. To travel and improve the ship motivates us the task of getting to the center of the galaxy and find out what is there. Achieving this should take a minimum of thirty hours, but then we can continue endlessly fun. The game start at a random location on the outskirts of the galaxy. In its platform Windows PC No Man’s Sky events observed from a first person perspective. The gameplay in space reminiscent of arcade simulators stellar, and we observe the view from the cockpit of the ship. While exploring the planet was realized in the form of well-known FPS games.

The production was developed as a sandbox total, so the world is completely open and free of any barriers – Which does not mean, of course, that in every place is safe. In simple activity of the player can be divided into several groups, among Which We find exploration, fighting, and activities related to trade, Including the gathering of raw materials and the production of things. A player can not with impunity to destroy and rob anything valuable. Galaxy patrol called for. The guards, or robots guarding the balance in the cosmos. Success, however, requires quite an aggressive approach to development, so confrontations with the Guardians are inevitable. Space inhabits also many alien races. While playing with some of the allies, and others become our enemies – it depends mainly on our actions. You will not find here any skill trees or character classes. The development is carried out by grinding the same player skills and the improvement of the ship, weapons and personally constructed the base, why you need design plans, found on planets, some traders and received as a reward for performing small tasks. If you die on the surface of a celestial body, we losing carried at a time equipment and spawn the ship. In contrast, death in space is paid with the loss of items carried on board and damage to some on-board systems, which must then be repaired. No Man’s Sky is based on the original engine studio Hello Games. It was developed extremely economical in terms of requirements for disk space, making the game “weighs” only 6 GB. For the soundtrack corresponds to the British team postrockowy called 65daysofstatic and specializing in the music of ambient Weir. Interestingly, part of the luminaire audio – just like the game itself? – Is created randomly, using the huge library of looped samples and a special generation system tracks developed by Weir.

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