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Unusual game, Adventure produced by the Poznan team of Gentleman Robot. In the game we are trying to keep alive the typical American family in a world ravaged nuclear war. Our wards are living in the shelter, and having a very limited supplies of medicines and food. 60 Seconds is survival combination of strategy and RPG, developed by Polish studio Robot Gentleman. Production originally debuted on the PC, where it was transferred to the most popular mobile platforms. The game takes place in Ted, the father of a typical American family, which is a suburb house with a white picket fence, inhabited by his wife, daughter and son.


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Description of the game

The action begins one minute before the explosion of the first bomb, the siren warning system of the government announces the imminent arrival of the apocalypse. These priceless title 60 seconds spend on bringing the family to the shelter under the house and meeting supplies. The game world, including the interior of the house is generated procedurally. During the race to the shelter every time we come across so other supplies. Collecting everything will fall quickly on us revenge, so you have to think about it, what may be most useful. In choosing the appropriate items to help the instructions given by the government’s warning system. Once we will get to the shelter, our task is to survive as long as possible. The course of events is fully dynamic, and the gameplay is based on a simulation of life in confinement. Regularly we have to make difficult decisions, such as. Who restrict food, as you start to miss her, or how to cope with the invasion of mutant cockroaches. There were also a possibility to go to the surface, which is always associated, however, with enormous risks.

Story of game

Imagine a calm, sunny day. You and your family spend it together at home, like the heroes of old comedy series. Suddenly the radio gives a dramatic message – for sixty seconds the world as you know it ends. The Soviets started nuclear attack on your country. Fortunately, when budowałeś his house in the suburbs, you made provision for the construction of shelter under him on such an occasion. In the end, wise heads on television warn about this for years. You did not believe them, but enough to collect it supplies to survive a nuclear annihilation. So now, in less than a minute you have to collect all the most necessary things and with his family take refuge in the claustrophobic, dark room. What you take with you? Do you wait too long to take care of it, that was in it your whole family? And – this probably did not think at first – what you waiting for then? You no longer need to wait for a real apocalypse to answer these questions. Just play in 60 seconds !, Poznan production studio Robot Gentleman. This intriguing adventure gives you the opportunity to embody the character of Ted. It seems to embody the perfect husband and father material from government about the threat of a nuclear attack from the 50s, depending on the level of difficulty to know him for a few or tens of seconds by a harrowing, a radio announcement about the attack. Following his movements, we pack the family and part of their possessions to the shelter. Then in the second part of the game as we observe with their loved ones trying to cope with the problems associated with the collapse of civilization. The goal is survival. This in turn can only be achieved in one specific way.

It is much easier in this game die than succeed. Days pass in the bunker, and we undertake another, more important decisions that can make the difference between life and death of our heroes. Based on the appearance of the bunker, family, Ted and entries maintained by them log decide who should eat our stocks of tomato soup, to whom to assign the remnants of our drinking water supplies, or whom to send an expedition to the surface. We react also randomly generated events such as the attack of mutant cockroaches or sudden knock on the door. While this may sound very serious, the game is full of humor Customs. Certainly not laughed once during the game, and then … you will die and you will start all over again. The main inspiration for the creation of this game were American propaganda, which were to prepare the public in the event of such a disaster. This is not the first game after reaching such a source. Just to mention the legendary Fallout series. The difference is that 60 seconds! It puts rather a parody and rarely comes to the subject more seriously. Comedy climate is being built especially by graphic design production. Locations, characters, their personal belongings, and even menus and loading screens look like something drawn from the era. Also, further entries from the log survivors are full of winks to the player. Creators skillfully play the selected convention and can feel that the creation of this game made them considerable pleasure.

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PC Downloaden Game

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