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The game is set in the realm of modern warfare, in which – unlike other productions on this subject – we cover the group of civilians trying to survive in a city where extensive military action is taking place. During the game we have to take care both of the charges and equipment of the shelter – there are also difficult moral choices during the game. The production company is responsible for the Polish company 11 bit studios. This War of Mine is a game inspired by real events, set in the reality of modern day conflict that has strongly emphasized the motive for survival in unfavorable circumstances.


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Description of the game

11 bit studios, which have in their achievements, among others. The award-winning and award-winning Anomaly series, which is a representative of the “reverse tower defense” genre. Unlike other wartime games, This War of Mine takes control of a group of civilians whose primary goal is to survive in the middle of a besieged city – living in an atmosphere of constant threat to life and encountering a series of unpredictable situations created by constantly changing conditions. Battle field. During the fun we measure, among others. With the problem of hunger, lack of drugs or the danger posed by snipers. An important role during the game plays a cycle of day and night, which determines the decisions we make. In the daytime, the out-of-the-way shelter-controlled survival equals immediate death, so we focus on repairing and improving the hideout – the game allows you to create weapons, furniture, basic tools, or distil the alcohol using the items we collect.

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Story of game

War is a game of motifs wiped out and reworked in many possible ways. However, as the 11 bit Studios team is proving, not all trails have survived. The team decided to follow the path that had never been so far and to present an armed conflict from the perspective of civilians. It is not about any war activity: either side, espionage or even diversion. The goal, instead of the heads of soldiers on the opposite side of the barricade, is getting food, medicine and other resources. And you have to struggle not only with the lack of basic articles but also with adversities: severe weather conditions, robberies, wounds, depression. My story in This War of Mine, like most war stories, is overwhelmingly sad. The first night, when I went to look for supplies, in an abandoned rumble I encountered a homeless person who asked me for some food. I did not have any, so I was not able to help him. I returned only after a few days, but the only thing I found was a corpse. The man died of hunger, and I felt I had failed. Our three – Pavlo, Marko and Katia – were not the least successful. We even managed to help our neighbors in need. Over time, however, we began to lack inventory and relatively safe places to find new resources. So it was necessary to risk and venture into heavily guarded zones. Marko, who was in charge of plundering alien sites, was sent to a building occupied by snipers. The silent scrolling of the next stories brought forth effects. I found a lot of food and medicine. Only left safely to leave the building. The snipers were close by, and Marko made one false step at that time. The rest you can guess.

Since then, everything that has been so-so-so-far has started to fade like a card house. The lack of food and medicines forced me to take more and more risks – and so were the other people who had gone through our base: Pavle, Katia, Marin … In the meantime, I was trying to save myself with dirty uncleanness – I stole food from the defenseless old people, And bandages from the hospital where I had previously treated the wounds. At the end of my story in this war of mine were Bruno and Cveta. Cveta was seriously ill, and the radio reported that the city was lacking drugs. The day before her death, I made a dramatic decision to stop trying to save her. Ironically, the next night, while searching for any supplies for himself, Bruno was killed. After 31 days of a fictional conflict in Pogoren, my war ended in the most tragic of ways. This War of Mine is one of the few games that can really excite the human senses in the audience – and this is probably the biggest success of the 11 bit Studios team. When a neighbor asked me to help carry one of the humanitarian contingents, I agreed and got a share of the loot in return. When after a few days came to the military to ask whether our neighbor stole these resources, I denied, thus resigning from the adoption of full servings of food and other supplies. As long as my situation was not sub-framed, I tried not to rob other civilians. Only in the moments of “me or them” I decided on such drastic moves. Although I had a firearm, I preferred to replace it with food rather than terrorize it with other defenseless. I have solidified with anyone who also needed help. Even stealing food from somebody’s private resources, I tried to keep him from dying from starvation. On such human reflexes, I caught myself in This War of Mine several times, and once I committed some kind of mischief I was not fine with it.

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