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Unreal Tournament is a free first-person shooter game, produced by Epic Games and based on the Unreal Engine 4 engine. The title focuses on multiplayer mode, pulsating at fast-paced maps in the form of closed arenas. Much emphasis is placed on the content generated by the fan community. Unreal Tournament is an online FPS game, continuing the tradition of this classic series, launched in 1999. The production was developed by the Epic Games studio and is a completely free item, with no micropayments. The action takes place in the distant future, when humanity invented technology that allows for far-distance star travels, colonized countless planetary systems, and came into contact with alien races.


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Description of the game

As for the game exclusively for multiplayer mode, Unreal Tournament has very modest background and it is only a pretext for rolling duels with other players. Production remains faithful to the traditions of the series. Thus, we have a dedicated multiplayer first-person shooter, in which we fight battles with other players in the extensive arena. The gameplay is very fast and the success requires excellent reflexes. The authors have developed a comprehensive set of fun modes, including both deatchmatch and capture the flag, as well as more original gameplay options. An interesting element of the project is its business model. Unreal Tournament is completely free and has no micropayments, and fans have access to powerful modular tools that allow you to change almost every element of the game. Users at the same time have the ability to sell their own creations, and Epic Games collects interest on such transactions and thus earns a commission on the whole venture. Of course, there is nothing to prevent you to share your fashion free of charge.

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Story of game

Unreal Tournament is an online shooter for FPP and the next installment of the famous series that the Epic Games studios perform. The game was released on PC in 2015 and focuses on multiplayer modes and content created by the gaming community. The game, like the previous pages, focuses on the dynamic exchange of fire on large map sizes. The game’s action has been set in the distant future on various planets that have been colonized, hence the futuristic design of the levels. In the game there is a place for some famous giver fans such as Pulse Rifle, Minigun, Flak Cannon and Bio Rifle. The title is based on Unreal Engine 4 engines and is created in collaboration with fans. Production is free, but its authors do not intend to use microtransactions. What’s more, they provide fans with tools to help them create their own maps and modes, and even make money. Developers for this purpose have created a virtual marketplace where moderators, artists and players can buy and sell the mentioned fashions and content. The percentage of these profits goes to Epic.

When players greet another “Call of Duty” with enthusiasm worthy of a telenovela episode, and the new “Doom” will not meet expectations, the giant is back from the abyss of forgetfulness who has contributed to the world of e-sport. It returns unhurried and in an interesting way, the more so welcome to him with enthusiastic applause – there is a new “Unreal Tournament”. Time to talk about the phenomenon of the cult game, its ups and downs. It’s a hard and fair game that shows a middle finger of bad modernity with a slightly psycho-psychic smile. Probably many know this feeling. It will help you when you are struggling in futuristic, network FPSs aimed at nothing unrestricted break. You go into the game, you grab the gun and after a while you fall in the pool of blood. You do not even know who took you off. But you keep going because the game is still on. In the rare case where the gameplay was accompanied by such emotions, as in the work of Epic Games. “Unreal Tournament” was a child of interesting times in the gamedev industry. It’s the end of 1999. E-sport is pretty quick. Ferrari John Carmacka has long since been cast as the main prize for the “Quake” tournament. Id Software was not the only team of madmen in the area. Epic Games under the leadership of Cliff Bleszinsky gave the players a mighty blow in the form of “Unreal Tournament”. As he wrote one time, one of the CD-Action columnists – “Unreal Tournament” had to be the nightmare of John Carmack of Id Software. Outgoing two months later, “Quake 3” had a nice graphics, a specific atmosphere and fast pace, but it offered relatively few gameplay modes – some of the classic Deathmatch and Capture The Flag. Meanwhile, the child of Cliff Bleszinki was overwhelmed by his vastness and diversity. It was modern, beautiful, loud and prey. The atmosphere was filled with crazy, unrealistic events. Bloody games organized by soulless corpses for the pleasure of chatting. All dirty with the dark, rusty industrial futuristic, degenerate cities.

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PC Downloaden Game

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