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The fifth part of a series of strategic and economic games. As the leader of a small island state, the player must stay in power and take care of his world position. The gameplay takes place in the nineteenth, twentieth and twentieth centuries, offering varied challenges and technologies. Tropico 5 was enriched with multiplayer for four players. Tropico 5 is the next installment of the economic strategy series in which the player serves as the leader of the banana republic. Just like the previous two parts, the “five” was created by Haemimont Games. According to the tradition of the series, Tropico 5 allows the player to take on the role of leader of a small, island-based state.


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Description of the game

His task is to lead his subjection from the colonial times through the turbulent twentieth century to the present and the near future. In the meantime, you must survive both world wars, the great economic crisis and the cold war. Each era carries different challenges and creates unique opportunities. The core of the game remains unchanged from its predecessors – as El Presidente, the player strives above all to maintain the position of the nation’s leader. His duties include, among others. To expand the city, to take care of industry and economy, to deal with the effects of natural disasters, to respond to the needs of the people and to demand political factions, to fight the opposition and to maintain diplomatic relations with the neighbors. There is also an extensive trading system, science and technology development and exploration. At an early stage of the game, it is worth sending researchers into the island for new minerals and deposits. They must, however, consider wild animals and hostile natives. New in the game is the opportunity to create your own dynasty. The members of the ruling family can become not only leaders but also managers of many companies and factories on the island. In time, they gain experience and are better at dealing with their duties. Of course, having people in key positions is extremely helpful in staying in power.

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Story of game

Nicolae Ceausescu made sure that the street leading to his palace was a meter wider than the Champs-Elysées in Paris because … he had a whim; Rafael Truijllo, president of the Dominican Republic, ran a campaign to enable his illiterate wife to win the Nobel Prize for Literature, and honored her as a writer and philosopher; When Francisco Nguema was the president of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, he forbade the use of the word “intellectual”, closed schools, drove out educated people and declared himself “the Great Master of Science, Education and Culture”; To quarrel with people who are hungry for a great famine in Uganda, Idi Amin Dada created the “Fund to Save Britain” – he offered the UK a food truck taken by starving boys; Ne Win consulted the fortune tellers practically all the decisions he made during his nearly three decades of rule in Burma. These are some of the many interesting trivia about the various dictators that the creators of Tropico 5 have placed in the game loading screens. They fit well into the well-known series fans of the loose climate that accompanies the construction of their own empire in a banana paradise somewhere at the end of the world. After such an introduction you would have to ask: And what ruler would you like to stay? Haemimont Games once again cast players in the role of El Presidente, accompanied by his faithful, but stupid assistant Penultimo. We start from scratch and mainly depend on us in what direction we will expand our island. Mainly because we will receive several tasks along the way, which will be necessary for success in the mission. Tropico 5 carries us through four epochs: colonialism, world wars, cold war and modern times.

As in other games of this type, we gain access to new buildings and civilizations. Everything is tied together in a coherent whole. We start with the simplest things: growing, breeding, cutting trees. To unlock new technologies, we need to invest in educational buildings that provide development points. After the development of novelties you can eg put a sawmill and make better use of wooden logs. The next stage is the more advanced industry – the furniture factory. This is just one example, but it does illustrate the whole chain you have to go to Tropico 5 to climb the heights of civilization development. Developing in the fifth part of the series means not only going into industry. It is also entertainment, commerce, military, international relations, tourism and science. As head of all heads we have the power to issue decrees, and after independence from the British Empire – also to issue and change the constitution. Ensuring everything and ensuring equal development in every area is not a simple matter in Tropico 5 – all the more so as to ensure the satisfaction of the population and political factions from which we receive additional tasks. We are limiting the budget that we can back up by issuing bonds. However, these have to be repaid once, so it is good to have a good development plan first. And good is one that provides adequate revenue. At this point you have to give the team Haemimont Games that in all this complexity and complexity has not forgotten the player. At the beginning, he gets a short but informative tutorial that allows you to familiarize yourself with the interface and learn the basics of the game. The first mission is also a piece of butter, especially in terms of public support. By striking the basic steps we observe how satisfaction among the population grows, and that in turn translates into the election result. Only in later missions is it more difficult to keep up with all the needs.

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