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The fourth installment of a well-known series of strategic and economic games in which we play the leader of a small state. Our decisions and strategic moves depend on our future. In Tropico 4 as in previous releases of this strategic cycle, we become the leader of a small island state and try to rein in it by making the right strategic and economic decisions. Haemimont Games studio, also responsible for the third part of the cycle, created this scene. All in all, twenty missions await you on the ten new maps that make up your multi-hour campaign. As a leader, we must take good care of our country’s citizens and ensure its strong international standing.


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Description of the game

We build new buildings, serving both entertainment and stimulating the economy and the economy. Our dictatorship is not free from political protests – so it is important to maintain good relations with most of the parties operating on the island using bribes, intimidation and, if necessary, public executions. In tempering moods, we also use the army, which under the command of loyal generals removes protests and anti-government demonstrations. However, the main goal is to maintain a positive budget balance – to this end we set up new industrial centers and, using unique natural resources, we create our island-specific products. In the event of a threat of losing the election, we also get access to a series of decrees and laws that immediately affect the satisfaction of the population. In order to record economic growth and increase production rates, we can take advantage of an exchange system that allows imports and exports of goods between countries. Cooperation with neighbors is required to achieve the objective of the impeccable economic situation of our state.

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Story of game

Tropico is a well-known series of economics fans who come to the topic of power with their characteristic bulk and irony. The fourth part of this image does not change – and fortunately. The player is obviously playing the role of El Presidente, and his job is to lead the glory of himself and his paradise island to prosperity. Having a closer look at the mini-situation somewhere in the middle of anything, it’s easy to come to the conclusion that it is not so pink at all. Internal problems are plagued in many dimensions, and the world powers demand that they be stroked and eaten there. And how much else we are scamming others, it is prepared to offend us. In the Tropico 4 one must not underestimate the forces of nature that can do the least, as it usually does, the right moment. In any case, the cataclysm never has a good moment. First things first. El Presidente’s special dexterity must be demonstrated in the proper investment of money. Smoking cases, especially at the beginning, are not lacking. The population needs to provide medical care, decent housing, adequate food supplies, work, education, entertainment and church, especially as the clergyman representative claims to be talking with God and should be satisfied with another monumental temple. It is important to keep in mind the environment, and also, in principle, to protect your own four letters with the proper cover. Expenditure in Tropico 4 is therefore not a measure, and a good ruler would prefer all the people to get what they need. The problem is one – strictly limited budget. And there are not enough pairs of hands to build all this. You also need to take care of building offices, drivers and garages. Just where to get money for it? Some rescue, at least in the early phase of the creation of paradise, is funded by the superpowers.

The whole economy, ba, the whole development of our state not only gives the impression, but in fact is one big system of connected vessels. But the creators of Tropico 4 are standing ovation. It can be seen that the Bulgarians of Haemimont Games have thoroughly studied the organic concept of the state. Just like in a game, when one player does not demand one, the whole body is sick. Well, maybe not all at once, but erosion is progressing and you need to remedy something quickly. Here is an example: environmentalists are unhappy with too much pollution and lack of landfill, so they start a occupation strike in front of one of the factories; The factory stops producing goods for export, so the proceeds to the cashier are decreasing; The proceeds to the cashier are decreasing, so we have no money for further investments; Dissatisfaction of the society is growing and the risk of disobedience increases; There is a culmination of mood breakups and rebels attack our palace, defeat a few armies, and deprive us of power. End of mission, build empire you have to start over. “Things happen as they happen, because many things happen at once,” says our former finance minister, Grzegorz Kołodko. And there is no way of thinking that you do not see in Tropico 4. We have to guard literally every aspect of the inhabitants’ lives to make you happy. These bars determine our further actions. We must take care not only of the population, but also of the individual political factions and good relations with the different regions of the world. The first two groups will give us a victory in the next election, and the last would be willing to trade with us and stop their troops from Attacking our shrine The basic fun mode in Tropico 4 is the campaign. It consists of 20 scenarios, during which we receive a number of major tasks leading us to victory, as well as many smaller goals to accomplish. And without these tasks all the time is what to do, but they give us the pace of our actions and determine the priorities. Each scenario makes a different problem of governance, but we always have to take care of things like a clinic, a church, a restaurant or residential buildings.

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