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Trine 3 is a fantasy platform developed by Frozenbyte studio. The task of players is to defeat the full traps and monsters of the levels with three heroes with different skills and equipment. Trine 3 is a platform game with elements taken from logic games. The production was developed by the Finnish company Frozenbyte, which is the same team that was responsible for the previous two cycle views. The game takes us to the fantasy land of fantasy. The campaign tells the fate of three heroes known from two earlier parts of the series, the magician Amadeus, the thief Zoyi and the knight Pontius.


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Description of the game

Each of them has different characteristics and skills, and during the adventures we have to switch between characters on a regular basis. The warrior is the slowest, but at the same time the strongest, so it is ideally suited for close combat. He also uses his shield with which he can for example fire flares and even shoot long distances. The wizard materializes the items and shifts them with the power of his own mind, but he is also the least resistant to damage. The thief, on the other hand, is the most agile and has a bow that serves both ranged attacks and a hook-up cable. The graphics are made in full 3D. During play we have to overcome obstacles, avoid traps and fight enemies. We are constantly forced to face logical puzzles. When Frozenbyte announced work on the third installment of Trine, one of the best platformers of recent years, I responded with great enthusiasm. When it turned out that the Finns were adding a third dimension to their pearl, I was as intrigued as I was concerned.

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Story of game

My concern was primarily about how the game would fall, and also the depth of the board. Early access slightly calmed me, but – as it turned out – the dog was buried somewhere else. Just after the Trine 3 premiere: The Artifacts of Power Frozenbyte made the matter clear. After quoting this confession to the creators of Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power we can go to the proper review. The third part of the series again gives us the opportunity to meet three well-known characters: Zoya’s thief, Pontius knight, and Amadeus’s mage. Heroes would prefer their own, undisturbed life. Zoya desperately wants to give up his quest for valuable loot, noble Pontius tries to take back the stolen lamb, and Amadeus fond of the mating season of gigantic turtles. Fate, however, is not merciful to them – the magician academy is attacked, and the Trinity is once again kidnapping them with the task of bringing order. But this is only the beginning of dynamic events, which over time turn into a truly hopeless turn. Although the writers went this time around, the story is hard to call the strongest side of Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power. Likewise, however, it was also the case with the first two views, where the story was presented at some point, and the players had other reasons to be upset. In order not to get the same schemes, Frozenbyte introduced the already mentioned third dimension. As far as Early Access versions are concerned, there are still a lot of shortcomings stemming from the three axes, so the premiere was largely smoothed out. This does not mean that everything is perfect. Characters happen to bump or jump into an undesirable place, and falling out of the board caused by a false sense of depth is a real nightmare. It is much better than in early access, but with such refinement as in the two previous parts can not be said.

Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power suffers mostly from its predecessors, which were truly outstanding games. Meanwhile, the third part is a bit worse for them in many respects, not just technical. Frozenbyte practically completely abandoned character development. What Zoya, Amadeus, and Pontius can do at the beginning, can also be at the end of the campaign, without any training on the way. The skill repertoire – especially in the case of a magician – was, in general, limited. In previous parts he was able to create cubes, tetrahedrons and flat, oblong structures, often used as a platform. Now there is only one left of all these products – the first one. Of course, Amadeus also has other powers – it can transfer interactive objects and also use them to fight opponents. Pontius, whose flying ability thanks to the shield, rose to the top after the addition of the third dimension to a higher spectral level. Zoya more often plays with his rope, which drags various elements in such a way as to allow all three to pass. Each character is useful in certain situations, which can often be solved in different ways, but we already know from previous pages. Here something in these pallet skills is missing. Some of them seem to have lost logical puzzles. I will never forget the spell that was flowing in the previous flower scene of Trine. Plants then blossomed and reaped the possibility of climbing to a high elevation. In Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power, such breathtaking scenes are missing. Unusual figures can be counted on the fingers of one hand, as well as complicated puzzles, to which solutions need to mimic mechanisms of unusual construction. Not enough Trine in Trine, would like to say. What was the salt of predecessors, in the “trinity” is so rare that it would be protected against extinction. The Frozenbyte team either finished the idea or was not able to adapt to the new three dimensional conditions. On the plus side, the third part of the series certainly includes the fact that to unlock further chapters of the campaign the creators set the condition of obtaining the right number of luminous crystals. Not much on the menu, they highlighted how many of them we found at the various stages of a mission, and how many are still waiting to find.

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