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Trine 2 is a continuation of a popular platform game that combines arcade and logic elements. Again, we play the three heroes of the previous part, and our task is to overcome the stages filled with traps and puzzles. For creating the material to make Frozenbyte studio. Trine 2 is a colorful platformer enriched with powerful logic elements, with action set in the fantasy fairy world. The authors of the game are famous for Frozenbyte, a company that is trying out the first part of the Shadowgrounds. As in the previous installment of the series, the life-forms of the three main heroes re-intersect with the mysterious artifact Trine.


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Description of the game

This time the heroes go to the fairytale land dominated by hordes of goblins. Only two names – Rosabel and Isabel – are the only clue to heroes, but the discovery of the related story involves the overcoming of many dangers. The whole gameplay was set in two dimensions. In the course of it there is no shortage of arcade elements, like platform jumping and fighting, as well as logical puzzle solving of various types of puzzles. The fun addition is varied by the ability to collect balls and bottles of experience and discover the treasures hidden. We have three heroes – the magician Amadeus, the thief Zoya and the warrior Pontius. Each character has his / her own unique skills that will be used to successfully complete the adventure. Some of them have already appeared in the previous section, but also new ones. The warrior is a specialist in short-range combat, inflicts heavy damage and can block enemy shield attacks. The thief, in turn, prefers the bow and is the most nimble of the form, or can glide in the air using a hook rope.

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Story of game

In contrast, the magician has the ability to materialize and move objects, but is the weakest of all three. For most of the game we can freely switch between heroes. New to the predecessor is the introduction of networking options – if only one computer can be played on a single computer, now individual players can connect via the Internet – an additional two games can be added at any time to the game. players. Despite the fact that in Trine 2 the game takes place on a two dimensional plane, the creators decided to fully 3D graphics. All characters are beautifully animated, and the sites visited are very diverse and dripping down in detail. The entire visual setting is kept in bright colors and has a fairytale atmosphere. The creators have prepared a number of new locations, and the heroes’ animations have undergone a proper facelift. Are you tired of everyday gray, especially now when we wake up practically at night, and from school or work to home we also return at night? Would you like to experience a colorful, extraordinary adventure? Although some of these dreams allow you to realize Trine 2, which had its premiere only a few days ago. Frozenbyte’s long-awaited Finnish team has kept their fans waiting for the production, but once it’s available, it’s rewarding every day of nervous browsing, or maybe the debut will come soon. An independent platformer proves to be a perfect springboard from everyday life, produced just for long, autumn and winter evenings. Trine 2 takes players in a magical, fairytale, even idyllic world. Utopian, however, disrupt some events that users will learn as the story progresses. 

As it is in fairy tales, there appears a black character, whose actions require the intervention of brave defenders of justice and order. The creators serve us a charming story, served very sparingly, through the short notes of both the main heroines of the imaginary history and a few words from the well-known fans of the first part of the lecture in the middle of the chapter between the chapters. The word “tract” is not used here by accident or by the way, the next acts of this unusual but perhaps naive story follow the theatrical art of flying high with a great game of lights. Of course we can say that Frozenbyte powder did not come up – Trine 2 is based on the proven formula of the first part. This is not a disadvantage, especially since some elements have been developed in a masterly manner. Finnish production is still a platform game in which we can play with physics, and the main characters are tied to the title trilogy Zoya thief, magician Amadeus and knight Pontius. The creators did not hide that they wanted to increase the role of the latter. And while they have added some skills, the effect is only in cooperative mode. Most of the time we spend on using Amadeus’s magical abilities. This is mainly due to the multitude of various logical challenges experienced by Frozenbyte designers. The puzzles have been used on a much larger scale than in the first part – and this is the main force of Trine 2. It would not have been possible to dissipate – after all, we already know it from the first part – if not so much variety of situations in which our gray Cells are forced to gymnastics. When it seems that all the obstacles we have already mastered and decomposed into the first factors, the producers surprise us with something completely new. So it is almost to the end. On some puzzles you can spend a few minutes longer, but when the glare comes, with it comes down to us a lot of satisfaction with success.

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