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Tom Clancy’s The Division Download game

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Tom Clancy’s The Division is a well-known American network-based RPG writer, produced by Massive Entertainment. The action is going on in the near future. As a result of the terrorist attack with the deadly New York virus, the pandemic is a victim of the pandemic. The panicked residents will do anything to survive. Players play as members of a secret agency that is trying to control chaos. Tom Clancy’s The Division is an RPG action-packed action-oriented multiplayer action game. Produced by the name of one of today’s most famous novelist sensationalists, Tom Clancy, and is the first brand new for many years, based on his creation.

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Description of the game

The game developer is responsible for the Swedish developer Massive Entertainment studio, known PC World in Conflict players and Ground Control series. Tom Clancy’s The Division was created under the aegis of Ubisoft, which has for years been producing a number of games called the famous American writer, developing such popular brands as Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon and Splinter Cell. Although The Division was originally created for the eighth generation consoles, the game was released simultaneously on PlayStation 4 and XBox One, and on popular PCs. Because of the specifics of the hardware, the PC version offers much more options for configuring graphical parameters, which in practice translates into a much better set of settings compared to console versions. The plot of the game refers to the famous 51 Directive, signed just before the end of the term by President George W. Bush and ensuring continuity of government in the event of an emergency threat to the country.

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Story of game

The creators of Massive Entertainment have offered players an alternative vision of history in which the fictional Dark Winter operation – so far only simulated in the event of a bioterrorist attack – was really carried out. The Division’s action begins in Black Friday, the start of a US holiday shopping day of promotion and sales. This date has decided to use terrorists from an unknown organization to paralyze the world with a deadly virus, which was supposed to be handed over from American hands to banknotes. When a real pandemic is erupting in New York City and the panic and the ability to do everything, the members of the secretive agency called the Strategic Homeland Division enter. Agents controlled by agents must face not only the lethal virus and its effects, but also the responsible terrorists. Tom Clancy’s The Division is a game focused primarily on a cooperative network game that combines the elements of a typical third person shooter with an open world and RPG accents. Individual players playing the role of The Division agents in the course of the game try to master the situation in a panicked city, which in practice is reduced to the free exploration of the world and the entire mass of major and secondary tasks, the most important element is the fight. Its mechanics are reminiscent of a great deal of solutions known from such games as Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon, offering the ability to tactically and hide behind shelters.

For the performance of individual tasks, the character we control will gain experience, which will lead to further levels of experience. In addition, performing some side quests gives us the resources needed to rebuild our operational base, which translates into new skills, such as treating teammates, scouting and revealing nearby enemies, setting up machine gun positions or sending self- Looking for opponents and exploding in their vicinity. The game world is constantly changing as a result of players’ actions, and the issue of gradual bouncing of New York from the hands of terrorists has been very interesting. According to Tom Clancy’s The Division concept, an online role plays an important role in the gameplay. Unlike most networked productions of this type, the game also allows you to play alone – although in the most difficult tasks we need the help of other players. In a situation where we do not have the right number of friends willing to play, the game allows us to use matchmaking, which works just like in network shootings. Massive Entertainment developers have also forgotten the devotees of the competition, offering in The Division elements of the PvP mode that allow them to attack other players in the so-called Dark Zones, however, resulting in a temporary rebel status. Tom Clancy’s The Division on PC Windows uses the proprietary Snowdrop engine, which on both personal computers and eighth generation consoles is truly impressive. According to the assurances of the creators, practically each of the visible elements in the game has a separate rendering here, which translates into the extraordinary detail of the world and the ability to apply a range of additional graphic effects such as the view of the steam coming out of the punctured tire, the car body piercing effects or completely different trajectory Shell scales

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