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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege Download game


Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege is another edition of the cult series of tactical shooters with a view FPP. The game focuses on combat terrorist police forces. It offers at the same time a wide range of destruction and modifying the environment, which provide the player a rich tactical opportunities during both assaults on fortified enemy positions or defend against attacks. In 2011, Ubisoft announced the game Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6: Patriots. It was to be the next scene of the famous shooter series, this time telling about the fight against terrorist organization True Patriots. Years passed, and the project slowly forgotten. In the end, the publisher decided to reveal Rainbow Six: Siege struggle for multiplayer.


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Description of the game

The game in the Rainbow Six: Siege begins with choosing the specialization of our soldier. Before each meeting, we can determine whether we want to steer creating barricades Castle, destroying them Thermite, drowned communications enemy Mutem, Ash specializing in balancing the door, who holds a big sledge hammer or fouling opponents Dragon. Naturally, not all character classes, it is important so skillful matching team to its individual members make up on the battlefield. It is worth noting that the terrorists are fighting only in co-op, and in the struggle PvP compete with each other commandos divided on the team attacking and defending. Shootings are held in small, relatively tight locations where we need to quickly “clean” the next room to finally get rid of enemies and release the detained hostage or disarm the bomb. To do this often must blow up the walls, to plant an explosive device on the floor to fall on the head of the enemies located on the floor below and so on. On the other hand, playing the defending team should barricade the door and fortify their positions so as not to be surprised attacker. Anyway, without continuous communication and determining further steps to make things happen too much of a challenge to the organized team. The game is fast and exciting, but also tactical, mainly through the destructible environment.

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Story of game

New Rainbow Six, how to play or what or signed with the name and surname of Tom Clancy, is remarkably shallow in its plot. The whole concept not entirely composed together. Behold, we learn that in the face of mortal danger from terrorists “Rainbow 6” spawned the trainsets made up of the best professionals (let me in the way I replace badly sounding “operators” of the Polish version), derived from the world’s elite units SWAT style, GIGN, SAS and Spetsnaz. And it is those specialists, time and time again have the task … to defend explosives or prevent the reflection of a hostage. A little strange and not very logical at the same time. Same idea for specialists could indeed serve as a great foundation for the campaign narrative in which poznawalibyśmy each of them and their history passing the missions alone or in cooperation. Nothing in the game is not found, though not all forms of fun are focused on PVP. For lone wolves Ubisoft has prepared mainly “situations” and so arranged scenario mode for single player which is a combination of training challenges. Their transition is on the one hand a challenge that can be dosed themselves at different levels of difficulty, and that great teaching various aspects of the game. On the other hand, is simply rewarding, because you can break a lot of valuable currency useful to unlock new specialists. Getting started playing with others while you can wager including the “hunt for terrorists,” in which players cooperating, competing against artificial intelligence. I believe that this is quite exciting and difficult challenge, especially as the computer-controlled opponents here are really quite clever beasts that on “realistic” difficulty level of the shooting of the group of noobs have no problem.

There is no single – So what’s Rainbow Six: Siege is? A lot of power, tactical shooting, which is very different from what the most popular brand serving the likes of Call of Duty or Battlefield. Let’s face it, in this first concept of team cooperation is rare, in the second there is no law at all, and most players in both titles focuses on the number killed. New Rainbow Six is ​​not. Far beneath his tactical respects to their ancestors, which planned every move. There is also shooting for realism similar to Insurgency. But the truth is that one can die from a single bullet, and the game is very exciting and impressive at the same time. At its very foundation is not anything revolutionary. The matches are competing with each other two teams of five people, which they set contradictory goals. One group protects bomb or hostage, while a second charge must either disarm or move out poor wretch in a safe place. The game, however, already at this point reveals their different attitude, because the round starts with phase preparations. The defending team has time to best prepare for the assault. The range of possibilities is extensive – of strengthening the walls and barricading the door by establishing explosive traps, layout of special shielding or installation of jamming equipment working electronic devices opponent. The attacking team but at this point revolves around the map drones searching the tangle of corridors or rooms the room in which resides an interesting object of their mission. This takes several seconds, followed by an emotional moment. While one team is approaching the point where contact is made – defenders can just sit and listen for any creaks like the calm before the storm, knowing that for the moment all hell broke loose and trying our best to prepare for this. Emotions are thus already at this point, not even cast the first shot!

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege Game full version

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