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MMO production that combines elements of action games, real time strategy and cRPG. Players play the role of generals, taking part in the clashes between the greatest empires of the second century AD. Tiger Knight: Empire War is an MMO production, featuring action games, real time strategy and cRPG, for which NetDragon is responsible. The title is distributed in a free model with micropayments on the Windows PC platform. Tiger Knight: Empire War takes place in the second century AD. In the game there are the greatest empires of this era – from Rome and the Parti Empire, through the Chinese Han Dynasty, to the Kushan Kingdom.


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Description of the game

The player assumes the role of a general of the selected conflict party, taking part in hundreds of units. In Tiger Knight: Empire War action is observed behind the hero’s back. The layout of the game is based on two pillars, the first of which is a fast and effective action. Our hands were given direct control of the hero – we can lead the attacks, combine them into spectacular combinations, charge, and evaporate the blows of the opponent. During the fun we make use of the extensive equipment: the armor is differentiated from the material, and the weapons vary in length and amount of damage. The effect on our effectiveness in direct confrontation with the opponent is not only the type of weapon and method of attack, but also the type of armor the adversary is wearing. The second pillar of fun is the strategic aspect. In this production we come to command of the military, which consists of both standard units, as well as special abilities adjutants.

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Story of game

The key to victory is to choose the right tactics, as well as to set up branches in the formation corresponding to the topography of the battlefield. Completion of the game is the development of combat capabilities – ten phases of upgrades, gained by gaining experience and prestige, recruiting adjutants and training in combat skills and learning new formation, are here to be checked. The Tiger War: Empire War on the Windows PC platform consists of varied gameplay variants. Command Mode is based on battles involving up to fourteen players with 1 adjutant and 40 soldiers. Two maximum two hundred armies can participate in battles, participating in the Siege or Conquest. In addition, the game features a variant of Duel Mode, consisting of direct clashes played by generals and Epic War, a full-scale war with artificial intelligence, where the key to success is teamwork.

Tiger Knight: Empire War is based on Unreal Engine 3 technology, featuring a high-quality, three-dimensional graphic design. The soundtrack of Hitoshi Sakimoto, the creator of Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy XII, is also worth mentioning. Tiger Knight: Empire War is a massively multiplayer online PvP game that at first glance reminds Mount and Blade in the Chinese Middle Ages. Production attracts a large number of players and collects good ratings from them. The game itself is free to download from Steam, so if you like the trailer, nothing will stop the Empire War personally.

Tiger Knight: Empire War Game full version

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