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Point-and-click adventure, the first joint project by Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnicka since the creation of the Maniac Mansion in 1987. We get to the dreamy, black humor of Thimbleweed Park, where the fate of five heroes, apparently unrelated to each other, weighs. Thimbleweed Park is an old-school point-and-click adventure game that was created in the style of LucasArts from the late 1980s and early 1990s, with Maniac Mansion in the lead. This is the work of an independent band led by duo Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick, so two legendary developers behind the success of this cult adventure.


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Description of the game

The title of Thimbleweed Park is a town in which the game takes place. Once upon a time, it was a thriving business center, but today it is just a shadow of the former glory – a joyless place that exists for no real reason. Of course, the adventures referring to the times of glory LucasArts should not be gloomy – humor provide various quirks, whose world of games is full, and also unusual characters of the character. The last factor concerns especially playable heroes, of which there are up to five. At the start point of the plot, we meet two detectives called to investigate the matter found in a river just outside the city; Delores, acquainted with the content of the will of his rich uncle; Ransome clowning on the devastated circus clown, cursed by the curse that he can not get rid of makeup and disguise; Finally, Franklin, who wakes up on the thirteenth floor of the Edmund Hotel in Thimbleweed Park, is surprised to find himself dead. Between the heroes we can switch at any time. The creators have made many endings, hundreds of sites to visit, and two levels of difficulty for players of varying degrees. Thanks to all this, Thimbleweed Park provides hours of fun. The oldness of the discussed item means not only the 8-bit artwork, but also the 1980s interface. It resembles the SCUMM system that was developed for the Maniac Mansion and used in many of LucasArts’s subsequent works.

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Story of game

Point and click adventure, a representative of a genre already in the past and archaic, with an interface like the 1980s. With the vertex visible in the screen, which was there as a result of the evolution of earlier text games. “Look, use, open up, pick up.” Instead of typing commands from the keyboard, the player could now select them from the list on the screen. What a convenience! Straight from 1987. It can not go wrong. Sam Ron Gilbert, who together with Gary Winnicki is back to the glory days of LucasArts, did not do much to extinguish such fears about the premiere of the game. Something in these old adventures was, he said, something elusive, something we lost at some point. We do not know what exactly this is, he added, so we will recreate everything in the hope that with this will return the old magic. So, you might think the creators themselves did not know what they were doing. So how extraordinary is the feeling of playing the final version of Thimbleweed Park and remembering these words and assumptions. Because magic came back. But not only. Because it turns out that Ron Gilbert knew perfectly well what he was doing. Because in every detail, from graphic design, dialogue, storyline, puzzle ideas to a whole project, vision, even what this game has to say – Thimbleweed Park is complete and well thought out. Everything starts with murder. River bank, body and two policemen. In the course of the game will be joined by three other characters – clown losers without life prospects, adventure game developer, disinherited by the deceased uncle and ghost, who for an unknown reason can not yet leave for eternity. They are all related in some way to the history of the title town. Thimbleweed Park, population 81. It is famous for its pillow factories, the criminals of vacuum tube vending machines, the magnificent Edmunds and the nastiest hot dogs in the county. Of course, murder is only for action and it is only a pretext for two agents to enter the skin. They are both guests at Thimbleweed Park and it is with them for the first couple of hours we get to know the title of town.

Once we have started the investigation and we are going to solve the problems, you can switch between the two heroes. The great majority of items can also be transferred seamlessly from one character to another. In general, it does not even matter which one of us is doing what we do. Of course there are quite a few puzzles that require coordinating the actions of the two heroes. The classic “one distracts attention, the other does what needs to be done” serves merely to introduce the concept. Later it gets better and much more interesting. At first, the impression was that it did not make sense – just because one character should know that now should help the other? Why does she do this at all, since her personal goals are completely different? Quickly, however, it turns out that the answers to these questions are more than just “because it is supposed to be, because it was designed so.” A player is not merely an observer or quiet creator of events for characters with their own goals. It is something like their partner and somehow the sixth hero of the game, leading them inaudible dialogue with them. The seventh participant of course is the creator himself. Adventure games have always been games not so much to come up with solutions to problems, but to come up with solutions to problems that someone else has fallen into. We enter the skin of the designer. Just as the thunderbolt has evolved over the years to lessen this drawback, classic point and clicki have preserved this formula until today. Thimbleweed Park does everything it can to continue to be a well-to-do production in the 21st century with its continuous appeal to tradition. After a few hours of introduction, the game gives us control over all five main characters. It completely loses the standard linear structure and throws the receiver into a whirl of puzzles and problems that can be resolved in any order. Of course not all and not right away – some of them are the way to go, some require early completion of others. The process of solving subsequent challenges is natural. We do not mix the unusual way of opening a blocking gateway to a factory gate, but we are exploring individual locations and wondering which problems may be within our reach and which are not. We come to the solution – and when it fails, instead of ripping the hair from our head we jump to another puzzle.

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