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Continuation of the 2009 release of theHunter free-to-play game. This time we are dealing with a paid production, which has both role-playing and multiplayer. In addition, developers have developed a large, open world full of animals. TheHunter: Call of the Wild on PC Windows is a hunting simulator, a continuation of theHunter’s 2009 release. Unlike the previous page, this section was not based on a free-to-play business model. Instead, Expansive Worlds’ developers have made it available as a pay-for-play game. The title is a hunting simulator in which we observe action from an FPP perspective.


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Description of the game

Players play as a hunter, wandering around 50 square miles of the world. During the fun we perform a variety of missions, obviously associated with hunting animals. Developed by developers, the site is full of creatures – from our main targets of deer and boars, through birds to insects with a cosmetic role, but giving the virtual world a sense of authenticity. In addition, the creators paid much attention to keeping the virtual animals alive. TheHunter: Call of the Wild on Windows PC has released a full-fledged feature film, but it’s not the only form of fun. We can also participate in multiplayer battles in which we participate in competitive and collaborative modes. TheHunter: Call of the Wild on PC Windows was created using Apex technology, which allows you to generate a large and rich world. Additional attractions include variable weather conditions, a daily system and advanced ballistics.

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Story of game

Simulators of a rather unusual subject usually attract the original, funny topic. But in the case of theHunter: Call of the Wild won something else. Probably nowhere before the forest landscapes have been presented with such momentum and attention to detail. Although many players will find this title of hunting fun, I believe that this production “bought” their supporters mainly because of graphics, which makes a big impression. I was concerned that screenshots and trailers of this rather inconspicuous production could lighten the real state of things. I changed my mind when I chose one of the two large hunting areas available and landed in the middle of the wilderness. As this “forest walker” is a hunting simulator, at the very beginning of the tutorial, I had to go to the observation tower to watch the game. The view that I found at the top of the structure was unique. Fortunately, the creators have thought of implementing a camera – looking at the hectares of forests and hills until you want to capture such a picture. A moment later, I began to follow the first in my career as a deer. Traces, which are highlighted by the hunter’s senses, are most often marked in a natural way by the bent grass. Not only is it a realistic facilitation, it still looks really impressive, especially when we walk through the thicket, leaving behind the stumps. When we walk through the woods for a long time, we will see practically everything you can expect in the bosom of nature – dense patches of trees, clearings, watercourses and even rural buildings. Impressions are made of landscaping, as well as details and details visible during walks in the thickets. And that the diversity of the terrain is quite big, that is what to watch. Of the surrounding elements in theHunter: Call of the Wild unless just water did not trigger my delight. Although the developers took care of the individual overclocking options, even lifting everything to the maximum did not make the lakes arouse such positive feelings in me as, for example, the foaming waves of the first Far Cry.

Admiration for the great graphics favors the mechanic and the main premise of theHunter: Call of the Wild. Most of the time it will be time for us to sneak up and follow in the footsteps. It is a laborious task, but – surprisingly – quite satisfactory. When I learned the tutorial for the first time, I started looking for the game, and from afar I saw a highlighted trail. His testimony suggested to me that in the direction of the mapped lands slowly deer direction. I started to walk towards her. When at some point I got the impression that she was moving away from me faster than I was approaching, I decided to stand on my feet and slow down a bit faster. Unfortunately, the analysis of the next traces told me clearly that the alerted animal was moving forward in full speed. One-zero, this time the nature won. After some time, however, we will learn to use in theHunter: Call of the Wild various tactics or accessories, such as lures bought in the camp. The next step to learning, after mastering the track, is to give a shot. It is important to hit the vital organ so that the victim’s spotlight falls on the spot. This will allow us, first of all, to get a higher score for quick death and for the aesthetics of the shot, and secondly we will avoid tracking the next game – this time after the blood. TheHunter Call of the Wild creators have utilized several elements of RPGs that make us want to not only walk the beautiful terrain, but actually fulfill other goals. Different missions will familiarize us with the next gameplay elements, and each prequel will involve obtaining useful cash and experience points. As it is easy to guess, as we progress we activate various skills, and for the money we buy better weapons. Interestingly, when firing a specific category, unlock the next model. If we want to “change” from guns and ammunition penetrating the bow and arrows, we will begin with a basic bow before we can buy more advanced equipment.

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