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The Forest is kept in a climate of terror, Adventure game with an open structure of the world. We play as a survivor, trying to survive on an island dominated by mutants. We must not only fight for their lives, but also to secure shelter and food. The Forest is a first-person horror with strong elements survivalowymi. The game produced studio Endnight Games, aimed at mobile account End Night. They formed by people who previously worked on the special effects in films such as Tron: Legacy or 300. You play as a man who survived the crash of an airliner. The hero wakes up the wreckage and, like Robinson Crusoe, trying to survive by building shelter and searching for food. Soon, however, it turns out that the survivor is not on the island itself, apart from him in the jungle lies a tribe of mutants – cannibals.

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Description of the game

The title is partly a dynamic forest – the weather is constantly changing, and some plants grow and wither, this happens daily cycle. The island also placed extensive system of underground caves and tunnels connecting them, and the player is given complete freedom to explore the world. An important role is played by elements of survival – we need to cut down trees to get firewood or shelter as a building material, it is necessary to also look for food, hunting animals and crops. Both during the day and at night we have to fend off the attacks of mutants. Extensive crafting system allows you to construct your own weapons and traps, and the game also offers parts skradankowe and often the best way to survive is to avoid contact with the cannibals. Interestingly, the tribe of mutants does not behave like animals – each one has its own beliefs, traditions and relationships with other members of the clan.

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Story of game

Most recently trend among independent artists? Simulation of survival horror and the living dead. The latter as the only will not experience in a new production of mobile developers End Night, but on the other hand, feeding on human mutants so much of them differ. The Forest will start from the plane crash, which survives only the main character, and from the first moments force us to fight for survival. Initially, we measure only the nature and basic needs, such as hunger and thirst. Along with nightfall it turns out, however, that the island, which we found a home not only for wildlife paradise. The action will be shown from a first person perspective. Although the exact dimensions are unknown world of the Forest, the creators promise that will leave enough room for more than the title woods. We will visit numerous lakes, areas inhabited by different species of animals and the massive complex of underground caves. Initially will be relatively easy, with the wreckage of the plane, we find a lot of useful items and inventory, the adventure will start with a lighter. However, these provisions do not prove to be infinite. To survive, the player will be forced to use natural resources. Each tree can be cut down, each animal to hunt. Once the overturned limb does not grow back, but in a magical way, and when we give up too much fun in the woodcutter, we may be surprised to find that the next time to get fuel requires hiking in the other, still wooded areas. Similarly, excessive hunting exterminate the population of animals in the region. Besides getting the same meat you are not enough – before the food, they have to be prepared. If you leave them too long nieusmażone probably breaks down, and its consumption will harm the main character.

Just as drinking unboiled water. Commendable concern for realism. Items from the plane sufficient only at the beginning, then the player will be forced to generate your own tools. It has to be done completely intuitively, without any of the screens like the MMO. If you find a stick, using stone him naostrzymy and get in the way of a spear. The same stick connected with fire can a small torch. With backpack transport more objects will create a more advanced structure. For example, hair spray in combination with a lighter becomes a flamethrower. Equally important will be to build a shelter. It will provide warmth on cold nights, well fortified – security against enemies and if zasadzimy in the vicinity of suitable seeds and we will show patience – the food. While the day we worry mostly about is not to die of starvation, when nightfall, The Forest will become a full-fledged interactive horror. Mysterious island inhabited by a tribe that like human flesh mutants that will be happy to benefit from the fact that the area appeared favorite snack. But these are not the type of nameless opponents doing for cannon fodder. Tribe has its own beliefs, each member feels certain emotions, has a variable morale, and even family ties …! This is to add flavor to struggle with the enemy, which not only shows signs of intelligence, but also – despite the disturbing appearance – human traits.

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PC Downloaden Game

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