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Embedded in the realities of a dark science-fiction action role-playing game, set in the not so distant future, where the technology invented by humanity turned against it. In the game we play an ordinary man, equipped with a special exoskeleton, designed to improve human performance. The game is characterized by a high level of difficulty, a dynamic combat model and an original development system that allows us to build in our exoskeleton improvements gained from defeated enemies. The Surge is a science-fiction dark fantasy RPG created for PC users and the eighth generation console.


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Description of the game

The German development studio Deck 13 is responsible for the development of the game, which is a team known primarily as co-producer of Lords of the Fallen, a superproduction owned by native CI Games. Unlike the title mentioned above, the plot of the game is maintained in a dystopian atmosphere from a science fiction novel. The action runs 60-70 years into the future, after the technology created by humanity turned against it, leading to the planet’s collapse. With the development of machines, most of the occupations so far have become unnecessary. Those who survived are increasingly forced to leave the overpopulated cities and go to the province to look for a job. In the postapocalyptic world of the game live both modified people and less human inhabitants. However, most use the popular exoskeleton, designed to improve performance and increase human capacity. In the game, we do not turn into a warrior-but-man, but a normal man with a modified exoskeleton.

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Story of game

The game is presented in a third person perspective, and the gameplay itself is based on titles such as Lords of the Fallen and the cult classic Dark Souls and has a relatively high level of difficulty. Thanks to the use of modern technology and this exoskeleton, however, the battle is much more dynamic than in competitive productions, and besides the arsenal of futuristic weapons, the emphasis is also on melee combat. One of the distinguishing features of The Surge is the original and highly developed object-making system and improvements that have been tightly linked to the fight. For example, you can target the opponent’s limb and pick up the technology he uses. Such improvements can then be mounted in our own exoskeleton.

The Surge publisher of Focus Home Interactive has released another trailer. The latest material concentrates on the system of acquiring and using further equipment. Even before the battle, we will be able to point out the elements of the exoskeleton we are interested in, so that the protagonist appropriately “separates” them from the target. We can combine the acquired equipment in a variety of combinations, and with the development of the skeleton, there are a number of potential techniques that will help us fight against our opponents. The only restriction in this respect can be only the number of opponents, because in the trailer we see that for each opponent we can choose only one interesting element of the skeleton.

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PC Downloaden Game