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Fourteenth episode of the Japanese fighting series. The title for the third time in the history of the series, which dates back to the mid-90s, has left the two-dimensional graphic design for the full three-dimensional arena and character models. King of Fighters XIV is the fourteenth episode of the legendary Japanese fighting series that was born in 1994 on the Neo Geo console and in arcade arcades and was created by SNK. From the very beginning, the hallmark of the series was a high-quality two-dimensional graphics featuring full details of the arenas illustrations and extremely fluid motion animations.


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Description of the game

Exceptions to this rule were only King of Fighters: Maximum Impact and King of Fighters: Maximum Impact 2, which appeared on the PlayStation 2 and the original XBox. King of Fighters XIV returns to this idea and decides on a completely new combat system, similar to competing series such as Tekken and Dead or Alive. The game is also the debut of the series on the PlayStation 4 console. King of Fighters XIV on the PC platform Windows resigns from its predecessor combat system. Players are now fighting in a three-dimensional arena and can use this element of the game to their advantage, avoiding, for example, the various ways of punching opponents. The series has always been famous for its large list of available characters. Many returned in the fourteenth, and the creators adapted their fighting style to new conditions. Players as usual can perform standard strikes as well as various types of combos specific to a particular warrior.

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Story of game

In addition to single-player games, including arcade modes and training, King of Fighters XIV on Windows PC offers multiplayer options that are standard in genres. Players can take part in individual battles as well as ranking matches where they face opponents of their level of skill. The game has a feature mode, but like classic fights, it’s not the main attraction. There are numerous tournaments in the King of Fighters series around the world. Their quality does not go hand in hand with quality, so there are voices that one global KOF should be organized. One day a billionaire named Antonov, the supposedly first champion, decides to meet this expectation. He organizes a big tournament that excites the warriors of every latitude. The King of Fighters XIV style is similar to KOF: Maximum Impact models are three-dimensional, but they move in two-dimensional space. The creators have prepared quite a large roster of nearly fifty characters. There are six or two depending on the mode chosen. There are faces that should be known to fans of the cycle, but also new ones. During the battle we are accompanied by an indicator, which consists of three parts. It allows you to launch special, spectacular techniques. Each character has three. The fourteen, as announced by the creators, is the most affordable part of the series. Proof of this is Rush Combo, a spectacular combo fired after several times pressing the button responsible for a weak attack. The game offers several variants of the gameplay. In addition to feature mode, there are also challenges, time attacks, survival and multiplayer available in the network and local variant. In the network option, there are twelve lobbyists.

The King of Fighters XIV is the next installment of the Japanese fighting series. Its first appearance appeared in 1994, and the fourteenth part is the debut of the series on the PlayStation 4. The studio behind it is responsible for SNK PLAYMORE studio. The biggest change over the whole cycle is the introduction of three-dimensional arenas. The modification of the game itself has been slightly modified, but the main assumptions have remained unchanged – the pure battle of two opposing opponents counts. In addition to this will return. Gameplay mode known for its previous 3 in 3 gameplay where the player selects three heroes and fights them. The same players appeared about 50 – both already fumbled and completely new. Naturally, each of them has different attacks that can be combined into lethal combos. In addition, there appeared the Party Battle mode, where against each other stands three players from each team.

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