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The Culling Hunger Games Battle Royale

The Culling is designed for PCs action game designed exclusively for multiplayer. Players take on the participants brutal competition, where the winner is the last player remaining alive. To eliminate enemies use the most melee weapons and traps and firearms, though present, plays a marginal role. The Culling is released on the PC platform Windows network action game inspired by the film series The Hunger Games and Battle Royale. Production came from the hands of employees studying Xaviant Games, which the authors Lichdom: Battlemage.


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Description of the game

In developed for the PC platform with Windows The Culling take part in the title contest, in which a group of up to sixteen players is thrown on one map and task of each of them is to survive and kill all rivals. Wins the last surviving participant of the game. There is also a variant of a team, where the condition of victory is killing all the members of the opposing group. Matches last about 20 minutes and when the battlefield is the last of the players, a large part of the map filled with clouds of poison gas to focus the final stages of the competition on a smaller area. Violence consists mainly of combat and the authors have prepared an extensive system of battles, which allows to bring the sizeable set of different moves. We can also make blocks and push enemies, for example. Straight into the trap. Among melee weapons we can find, among others, machetes, axes, spears and hammers. There are also guns and bows, but they do not dominate the game, because finding them is difficult, and the amount of ammunition is always small. An important role is also played by mortgaging player traps such as snares, mines, spikes, remote-detonated explosives or pits filled with sharp sticks. The fact that the matches are short means that players are forced to play the role of bait, as quiet waiting until the enemy alone come into our trap rarely brings the expected result. The game also allows you to benefit from a sizeable set of useful items, and has a simple crafting system.

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Story of game

The market appears more and more titles in the genre Battle Royale, but the game designers The Culling approach to the subject a little differently. Did it worked out good production? The game is powered by Unreal Engine 4 so that it looks really good and optimization is also not bad. There uświadczyłem large declines FPS unlike other games of this type. Before proceeding to the gameplay to tell you about what the game has to offer in contrast to other like-minded titles. The game has a system of perks to choose before joining the game. We can choose up to 3 perks from a pool of 6 categories. All the choice is up to 50. After selecting the interesting enhancements we can move to select the box with items that will be able to summon the appropriate locations on the map. In the next tab, we modify the appearance of the character. New clothes get after each round regardless of whether we win or lose. Let us now proceed to the gameplay. We can choose between two game modes: Free For All / Teams and Practice or basic and advanced guide on how to play The Culling. After a long process of waiting for the players to get the chest, which is our point of rebirth. From here you can already do what pleases. At the beginning, however, you should purchase a weapon. Nearly prepare something simple, such as a knife. It can be prepared by lifting a pebble from the ground and combining it with the found another pebble. With it, hitting a tree Dropped stick, which in combination with the previously made-knife creates a spear. Thus, we can smile explore the area without fear that we have nothing to defend.

On the map are structures in which with a little luck, you can find interesting objects or using wagered there a special machine to turn previously collected things for points. What you can spend your points? Points can be issued even if the discharge. Unfortunately, you have to take into account that you will have to wait a bit before the machine crated arrive. At that time, someone might attack us or shoot down a drone flying with the ordered equipment and just take our Items. Not only shots, but man alive! After the whole area has been arranged boxes, which can be easily opened. There are also those where you have to use C4 charge or issue a corresponding number of points at the opening. The boxes can find items to exterminate cheerful encountered opponents such as grenades. When everything has been thoroughly searched by us, we can try their hand in the fight with the enemy. When we find an opponent, or we’ll be tracked down, begins with a chilling duel for survival. We often struggle to close than a long distance. The fight here is the most interesting, because we can make an attack, block, push, or simply quit the subject of the culprit. Now only a matter of skill or luck who gets out of the battle in one piece. If you survive our first fight only remains for us to hunt for the rest of the people who have remained alive. This is all The Culling – the game simple but addictive. This is certainly a different title from those we currently available on the market. Very interesting thought crafting system and the gameplay more oriented to fight melee will experience sensations completely different from those we serve current productions.

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