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The Binding of Isaac is another production of Super Meat Boy, where we traverse the underworld and collect a number of unique items necessary to defeat the hostile forces. The Binding of Isaac is a roguelike shooter in which we traverse randomly generated dungeons. Their structure resembles the locations that appear in The Legend of Zelda. In turn, the controls used here are based on solutions known from such productions as Robotron or Smash TV. Unlike most games with RPG elements, The Binding of Isaac does not have a standard model for gaining experience levels.


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Description of the game

During the hike, the player finds a number of items that improve his skills and help solve the classic puzzles. Each stage includes a shop, rooms with hidden treasures, a powerful boss and other secret locations filled with unique items. Among them we distinguish special reinforcements or artefacts, which permanently provide us with additional bonuses. Most of the items in the game can be combined, so as the plot progresses become more powerful, and the character’s appearance changes. Their role in The Binding of Isaac also plays a role in solving simple riddles. The objects we use for this purpose include coins, bombs, keys, hearts, and cards. They can be applied in a number of ways, thus affecting the course of the game. The audiovisual fixture does not differ significantly from the characteristic drawing style used for the debut of Team Meat – Super Meat Boy. Also common to both of these titles is the creator of the soundtrack, known under the pseudonym Danny B.

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Story of game

Edmund McMillen is not a normal game developer. Most players will probably associate it with only half of the Super Meat Boy duo, but the truth is that there are a lot more flash games in the game. Usually these are simple variations on different types of skill, but always in a unique, dingy, very turquoise graphics. The Binding of Isaac does not break out of this scheme. The difference is that now, after Meat Boy’s success, McMillen was able to release it as a normal, paid production, and not just a free browser game that most players would treat as a five-minute fork. And well, because his productions deserve serious treatment. The story told in the game is residual, though intriguing. The whole loosely rests on one of the parables of the Old Testament. Isaac, the main character, is a young boy whose mother … is not quite normal. Let’s just say that he hears the voice of God. This first makes her cut off Isaac from the temptations and sins of everyday life (which means locking in the cell), and then, ultimately, sacrifice him in the name of the Lord. God damn mother takes a knife … meanwhile Isaac escapes to the basement. During the game, his task is to defeat several levels of the underground where he will face various nightmares to finally … Well, I will not betray, you will find yourself. What is most intriguing at The Binding of Isaac is the unusual setting and atmosphere of the game. The main character is scared, crying (tears are here … gun) boy. On the other hand, his opponents are a cursed, caricatural monster, naked and slimy, bringing to mind the effects of unsuccessful genetic experiments or people afflicted by strangest diseases – just ugly. The game “smells” by the channel and faeces, it is stale, sometimes in a way even repulsive. It is hard for me to interpret what McMillen meant by this (I was inclined to be fearful of growing up) but undoubtedly he managed to create something completely unique. Climate climate, but no game would be worth much without engaging gameplay. What is The Binding of Isaac? Each stage – basement level – consists of interconnected, seen from above the premises. Most of them fill the mentioned monster, which must of course overcome. In addition to “shooting with tears” you can still use the bomb or another spell from time to time. The gameplay is easy at first, but over time it gets really difficult. Really difficult. Get ready for the whole game to go in an hour, the first time you do it anyway (especially if you die here, you have to start with zero). Tenth does not. In the twenties you may have a lot of problems too. By the thirties … Well, maybe. But there is no certainty.

At this point I must mention, however, of perhaps the greatest defect Deus Ex: Split Humanity. Although the same scenario is very robust, and again follows him with flushed face it … the whole ends up unexpectedly. Completing the game focused on action in hiding and doing almost all the side missions took me about 20 hours, so it’s not so little, but when it came to the end credits, in my mind I had only one thing: “Errr … what is it? “. The situation is somewhat saves placed next scene, pretty much mixing throughout history, but all levels of Rebellion of Mankind is certainly not the case. Throughout the rest of the story split Humanity, however, I can confidently compete with great predecessor, and deserves a special applause as the authors managed to reproduce the atmosphere nieufoności and “techno-racial” divisions. Oppression, persecution and continuous control on the part of “normal” are felt at every step, and even belong to Interpol in no way saves before Adam Jensna. Every now and then someone checked our documents, casts few favorable comments, or simply offends us … a world in which the wiring are citizens of a lower category and absolutely nothing we can do about it. The feeling of helplessness with us anyway, and during the same mission, where you often have to choose between A and B, but no matter what we decide, and so someone has to suffer. As a rule, so I put on a lesser evil, but a moral hangover continued for me for a long time, and I admit that sometimes I find it extremely rare for gaming.

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