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Point-and-click adventure with elements of time management genre. The player takes on a New York policeman who, in addition to guarding the streets, tries to figure out who framed him for murder. Beat Cop is a joint project of the Polish studio Pixel Crow and 11 bit studios, creators of This War of Mine. The production is characterized by retro styling and numerous references to American crime serials from the 70’s and 80’s. Point-and-click adventure toys and time management items released on PC Windows. Beat Cop is a collaboration between Polish independent studio Pixel Crow with 11 bit studios, creators of This War of Mine.


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Description of the game

Beat Cop is the representative of the New York Police, Jack Kelly. As a result of a false accusation of murder, his promising detective’s career is in ruins and he himself is downgraded to the role of ordinary detective. Jacek’s private life is equally badly displayed, and he is at the top of the booth with a local mafia. Faced with a life of defeat and universal hatred, the only purpose of the protagonist is to discover who really framed him. Whether he succeeds depends on the player’s decision – the story of Beat Cop is nonlinear and offers many endings. Beat Cop draws on American crime films from the 70s and 80s, such as Kojak, Columbo, Magnum and the Miami Police. Thanks to the numerous connections and unruly jokes, the game is pulsating with the characteristic atmosphere of the epoch. Although at first sight Beat Cop seems to be a typical point-and-click preparation, the game is enriching the elements of the time management genre. As a police officer, while patrolling the streets of Brooklyn, Jack must quickly respond to various offenses and crimes committed against him, stick to his credentials, etc. In addition to his daily duties, he is trying to discover who framed him for murder. This requires skillful talking with local scum, collecting clues and avoiding various dangers.

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Story of game

Jack Kelly is a New York detective who can not complain about the excess of happiness. The routine call to the burglaries turned out to have unexpected consequences – diamonds disappeared from the senator’s safe, and the alleged thief Kelly shot had no stolen loot on him. The whole case ended for a former detective with disciplinary action and a transfer to the curb. Therefore, for the next few weeks, his closest friend will be the padlocker to write down his credentials. On the street we will have to reconcile various groups with conflicting interests. Our primary duty, that is, fixing tickets for bad parking can cause aversion on the part of the residents of our patrolled street. On the other hand, if we turn a blind eye on those who forgot to throw the little ones to the parking lot, we could be exposed to the anger of the superior. In addition, there are two gangs on the street of eternal war – neutrality can be a difficult task. There are new stories emerging in the scandal through which Kelly landed on the street. That is why every day is a difficult juggle, where we have to fulfill all of our police duties on the one hand, and on the other hand be careful not to expose anyone to important. During the first session with the PGA show last year, Beat Cop charmed me. The game has to some extent been associated with the Papers, Please, where the routine was routine. But in that game the routine was tiring, and the game itself was not fun in the traditional sense, which was also in harmony with the subject matter. Beat Cop, in turn, wanted to tell the story of a more traditional story with the help of this routine, but insisting on the eternal pressure and the need to make difficult choices. However, after a great first impression in the long run, the game does not defend. Although the game is not very long – the pass of Beat Cop should take about five hours – quite quickly boredom. It is not a fascinating task to tap the seats, and other tasks are usually just a need to get from A to B at a certain time. In other games, the necessity of doing a courier is a fight, for example, but here the gun usually stays in the holster.

Gameplay does not save the storyline. At first, the main thread seemed quite interesting, but unfortunately it is troubled by several problems. First of all, it appears too infrequently – new information on the issue appeared no more than every few dozen minutes of gameplay. What’s worse, the bug prevented me from bringing this to an end, so despite the transition, I was not able to get to the finale of the story. I was also disappointed with the humor of the game. Beat Cop at times makes a smile – at the briefing before going out to the street we can hear the cunning malice exchanged between the cops or quite amusing post-erotoman remarks. But the farther into the forest, the worse. Among the numerous irrelevant and forced jokes for a particular distinction deserves one side job in which we help to “make” a portion of the drug, which is not a very brilliant reference to Breaking Bad. After bringing most of the ingredients of the decoction we are asked to add the last one: sperm. The main hero forced into the trousers to supply the missing element of the decoction. If I said that this is a junior high school humor, it would only be unnecessarily offensive to junior high schoolers. The game also spoils the underdeveloped economy. In fact, the only reason to make money is to support your ex-wife – we deduct the appropriate amount every week from our paycheck. In addition, we can spend money on food during the day and also to try to tame the big sum of gangsters if we scraped from them. However, during the game I did not use restaurant services in general – their meals are time-consuming and the minutes at the Beat Cop fly inexorably. That’s why I usually supplement carbohydrates at a hot dog stand which is definitely cheaper and can be eaten on the run. As far as bribery is concerned, I was not forced to use it all the time. Eventually, at the end of the game, I was left with a heap of unnecessary money. This does not do much about the balance of the game. When some time ago I saw that you could order a special edition of the soundtrack on the tape recorder, I was hoping that it would be another Miami Hotline or Lichstspeer turkey with great music. And I must admit – music is not evil. The problem is that it is terribly scarce. Good music is heard on the main menu, at the beginning of the new day and if we go to the window of a lover of a local heavy metal lover. Besides – silence. This would not be such a big deal if not for the fact that the dialogues are only in text form. Because of that most of the game is accompanied by only silence.

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