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The 1987 Test Drive series has seen a lot of continuation in which it has changed its face. This production is the first to be made with the Xbox 360 and its predecessors, with the most changes. The 1987 Test Drive series has seen a lot of continuation in which it has changed its face. This production is the first to be created with the Xbox 360 in mind and with its predecessors, it contains the most changes that distinguish it from the standard racing car. The first change that players encounter when playing the game is the ability to select the so-called. Avatara, or the image of the driver. This is at the airport, where all the fun begins.


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Description of the game

In addition, during the game we visit shops and buy clothes that distinguish us from other Test Drive Unlimited users during network games. It is worth mentioning that the clothes are purchased for coupons won for the hitchhiking of the hitchhikers. Some of the clothes are branded by real designers, such as Marek Ecko, some can be downloaded from the Internet using an easy-to-use service. Another fundamental change concerns the way of participating in races. Each player receives his garage house at the start, which is the starting point for all the actions taken during the battle. Your own four corners, for example, allow you to receive internal mail, view a constantly updated newsletter for new cars and races, and use popular eBay auction sites where other users place their machines on sale. Atari was also responsible for releasing a new car model after the launch of the program. Their number is subject to the terms of the license agreements between Atari and real car manufacturers.

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Story of game

After getting ready to set off for the streets, the player goes to a garage that does not only perform decorative functions, but also offers the possibility of equipping the car with expensive interior fittings. The player can also walk around the car, look at him at every angle, open the door and admire the upholstery. If we consider that there are about 90 luxury cars and motorcycles in the standard, Test Drive Unlimited will find us not only as an entertainment product, but also as an interactive car catalog that we can freely watch and admire. As far as the routes are concerned, Atari developers decided to rely on the benefits of nature. The arena of struggle is the Hawaiian island of Oahu, where over one thousand miles of roads and roads await you, faithfully reproduced and meticulously prepared on the basis of previously collected satellite data. With the ability to play online, thousands of players can compete in the island at the same time, approaching Test Drive Unlimited for MMO products. Players may challenge other users of the program, and the money they spend on, for example, to build cars or buy a larger home. The great advantage of the program is the possibility of arbitrarily generating routes within the island, by setting the start and finish points and the so called. Checkpoints necessary to pass while driving. The innovative and demanding Test Drive Unlimited users will be able to easily develop races that can last up to three hours in real time. Fantastic graphics, a stunning soundtrack and an excellent physical model will be appreciated by everyone who supports arcade racing. Test Drive Unlimited is an impressive game in every way, and the introduction of a large number of innovative solutions will certainly make the emotion will not run out.

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of preparing an article describing the experience of playing with the beta version of Test Drive Unlimited, and then I wanted to give it a fairly high and fair rating from my point of view. It was known that the manufacturer had properly discovered all the cards, allowing you to familiarize yourself with both single-player races and attractions reserved for network followers. It was only me that I could not yet say definitively about some of the disputable issues. Now fortunately I will have the opportunity to do so. So I invite you to read the full test of the final version of the game, which made the same good for the kind of dynamic skills that the first GTR has made for more complex driving simulators. I dare say that one of the basic factors that has contributed to increasing interest in this title and will probably also translate into good sales results is the huge freedom of action. Sympathizers of other game genres, such as contemporary RPGs, are probably already familiar with similar things. For virtual riders, however, this is completely novum. In recent years, similar things have appeared, like the Midtown Madness series, but it was only TDU who offered to play on an unprecedented scale. It is worth to mention here that the area of ​​action undertaken is the existing Hawaiian island of Oahu. I will not bore you in this place bored with comparisons, to explain how much virtual equivalent is close to its real prototype. The most important thing is that the virtual island is huge, and in addition offers very varied and nicely made terrain. This is a very important issue. The manufacturer did not make a common mistake and did not offer huge blocks of unproduced land. It also does not happen that all the sections of the board are copied and then pasted elsewhere. From time to time you can of course encounter similar objects, but never exceed certain fixed limits, providing a lot of fun every time an unexplored map sector is discovered. It is also important that, despite the preparation of a giant map, the lap should take at least an hour.

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