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The fourth full-fledged hit series of strategy games Sudden Strike. Production once again brings us into the times of World War II, where we take control of one of the three armies. This time the title does not suit Fireglow Games studio and Kite Games team. The Sudden Strike series was launched in 2000 when the Fireglow Games studio produced the first part, just Sudden Strike. In subsequent years, the following pages appeared, and the last one, Sudden Strike: The Last Stand, appeared on PCs in 2009. After this release, the brand went into the shadows and came back only in 2017 thanks to the company Kalypso Media, which for the work on Sudden Strike 4 on Windows PC has hired the Hungarian team Kite Games, established in 2015.


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Description of the game

Sudden Strike 4 is a representative of the RTS genre. The action, as in all previous stages of the series, takes place during the Second World War. Players take control of the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany and the USSR, and participate in extensive campaigns. Developers have prepared a total of more than twenty scenarios in which we manage a number of diverse units led by generals, new to Sudden Strike. They affect the course of battle thanks to their unique fighting style and unique abilities. On the other hand, when it comes to ordinary soldiers and machines, among available units is, among others. German Heinkel He111 bomber and Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger tank, Russian T-34 or British Hawker Typhoon. Sudden Strike 4 on PC Windows offers a modern three-dimensional graphic design, but not only should she please fans of the series, as developers have also prepared much larger maps, giving more freedom in the fight.

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Story of game

Sudden Strike 4 is a real-time strategy set in World War II. Kite Games studio is responsible for the production, and Kalypso Media is the publisher. In the title players will be given the opportunity to participate in big battles, and the latest release features improved graphics, new scenarios, and even legendary commanders who have individual skills. Kalypso Media continues to revive the known IP and the latest release of Sudden Strike is not the new beginning of the series. The creators of the Kite Games have decided to continue with the full progress of the game, during which players will learn about three campaigns. During the history, the riders will lead the British, Americans, Germans and Soviet troops, and at their disposal the authors will donate more than 100 various units. There are over 20 demanding single player scenarios, skirmishes, and network rivalry. Developers have taken care of the new reward system, which rewards the right approach to clashes, while at the same time the winners receive skill points and additional content like the historical video.

The famous RTS series is back on the market. Kalypso officially announced Sudden Strike 4. Fans of the WWII production may have reasons to be happy. According to publisher assurances, the game will offer good graphics, a large number of units, and very large maps where battles will take place. Sudden Strike is quite interesting, but also for many forgotten series of real time strategy. Unfortunately, this is due to the fact that only the first part held very high level – the next titles unfortunately fell worse. Kalypso decided to revive the brand after 9 years and announced Sudden Strike 4. Kite Games Hungarian studio was responsible for preparing the game. The creators will prepare three campaigns in which we will lead the joint forces of the British and Americans, the German troops and the Soviet forces. We have over 100 different units available, including classics such as Heinkel He111, T-34, Hawker Typhoon. There will also be prominent commanders, such as George Patton and Bernard Montgomery. They have various special abilities that will affect the course of the battle. There will be more than 20 demanding scenarios, popular skirmish mode and multiplayer module available in Sudden Strike 4. The creators assure us that during battles we will be able to exploit weaknesses of enemies, eg by attacking less resistant parts of the tank’s armor. It is also important to use the elements of the environment and take advantage of the position relative to the opponent. It has been revealed that the PC edition will offer support for modifications available in the Steam Workshop. Sudden Strike 4 is set to debut in the second quarter of 2017. We will receive versions on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. Interestingly, the strategy is also expected to appear on PlayStation 4.

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