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StarCraft: Remastered is developed for RTS PCs, an improved version of StarCraft added with StarCraft: Brood War. Authors have improved their graphics and sound settings and added support for high resolution and modern network features. The game mechanics have not changed. StarCraft: Remastered is a refreshing edition of the classic real time strategy game from 1998 on PC Windows. The production was developed by Blizzard Entertainment studio, the same team that produced the prototype. The game takes place in the distant future, in the distant Milky Way region known as Sector Koprulu.


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Description of the game

In places where humanity represents the Terran Empire for the first time encounters foreign races in the form of technologically advanced Protoss and animal Zerg. Between these factions there is a great war that will change the balance of power in the galaxy forever. By creating StarCraft: Remastered, the authors decided not to change anything in the gameplay mechanics. So we get a traditional RTS, where we gather raw materials, construct bases, produce units, and finally lead them to attack the enemy command center. There are three playable factions, and each one is very different from the others, with unique advantages and disadvantages. The Protoss have the most advanced technology and psionic abilities, and even their single unit can do a lot of things. Their weakness, however, is the small size of the army and the high cost of military training and land development. Their opposite is the Zerg race. It puts on hordes of weaker units that are cheap and able to grow at an express rate. At the same time, however, buildings can only be built on a transformed area, which takes some time.

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Story of game

The Terrans, on the other hand, are very versatile and, in addition, are extremely mobile due to the transportation options of buildings, but they are slowly carrying out scientific research and their structures are quite large, making it difficult to construct bases.  All of this we can play in six campaigns or in multiplayer mode to compete with other players. Released on PC Windows StarCraft: Remastered greatly improves audiovisual framing. Graphics are still two-dimensional, but all of the elements have been refreshed and offer a higher level of detail than the 1998 original. There was support for high-resolution widescreen, up to 4K. In addition, campaigns have enriched with new illustrations to help tell the story. The soundtrack, including character dialogues, has also been improved. There are also eight new language versions added, including Polish ones. Many changes have taken place in networking and social networking. The game has full support for advanced features such as advanced matchmaking, cloud gaming, easy access to fan maps, replay system, and quick keyboard settings.

Starcraft Remastered is a real time strategy game produced and published by Blizzard Entertainment. The title appeared on personal computers. As its name suggests, it was a remastered version of the first Starcraft released in 1998. Remastered version is no different from the original in terms of content. The action takes place in the distant future, discussing the struggles between the three races in the distant regions of the Milky Way. In 2499 the Protoss race destroys in an unannounced attack one of the human colonies. Shortly afterwards, the inergy-like Zerg appear, who are hostile to humans, and to the Protoss. The sequence of these events is a prelude to a full-scale war in which Koprulu Sector dominates. The main plot of the game is divided into three parts, where we direct the actions of the three races mentioned. Each of them has units with different properties, the diversity of which offers plenty of opportunities during battles. Each has some disadvantages and advantages. Protoss generally have access to advanced technology supported by their advanced telekinetic capabilities. On the other hand, their production time is long, so the player choosing this side of the conflict must focus on quality rather than quantity. The Zerg is just the opposite. They are based on quantity, production is fast and does not require a lot of effort. People, or Terrans, are in this puzzle somewhere in the middle, having multi-tasking units and more traditional equipment like tanks and nuclear weapons. As in other RTSs, StarCraft plays an important role in managing raw materials. To be able to construct anything we need minerals and gas. Specific units are used for their operation. However, it is worth adding, the Zerg and Protoss can not put their construction where the soul desires. In this respect, the Terrans have a significant advantage. The Remastered version offers an up-to-date graphic design, though there is the ability to switch between graphics, plus more comfortable gameplay like improved matchmaking and save data in the cloud. We also have the ability to transfer statistics from the original to Starcraft Remastered.

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