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It’s been extra than a decade because GSC Game World released Stalker Call of Pripyat! Almost as prolonged in view that STALKER 2 free changed into first introduced, after which fast shelved. Last year, but, the studio announced that improvement had commenced on a brand new Stalker. However, data thinking about the reality that then had been narrow. At very last, even though, we have some thing to take a look at: the very first screenshot for Stalker. For instance, test out the whole display version under.

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The potential horrors

While pretty some developers have applied this form of multiplayer mode of their video video games! GSC GameWorld isn’t interested in it. The fundamental concept for Download STALKER 2 is the real trilogy Shadow of Chernobyl! After that, Clear Sky and Call of Pripyat and its essential function will be its particular environment. Above all, the developers motive to make a really atmospheric endeavor, just like what the true STALKER have become whilst it came out. For example, GSC GameWorld is also operating on making modding tools in order that modders can begin growing new content even as the game comes out. However, now not least, GSC GameWorld has no plans for adding VR resource in STALKER.

GSC creation

Similarly, information had been scant, however, with GSC simplest teasing a 2021 release date for STALKER 2 Free game. Providing phrase that it might be created the usage of Unreal Engine. There’s been little else shared approximately the undertaking considering the fact that then, till brand new marvel. In conclusion, ccreenshot showcasing a mysterious anomaly hovering vaguely menacingly within the middle of a mist shrouded wooded area.

Blood of the STALKER

See for your self how little there may be to recognize approximately the sport as of now. There is a tweet on the first rate Stalker account that mentions a release date of 2021. After that, it’s far unclear whether or not or no longer Stalker development has started. For instance, Stalker lists for records, jobs, and press inquiries about the sport. Therefore, isn’t always any word on which platforms Stalker will launch on. Despite the truth that the primary 3 video games have been most effective on PC! Above all, we’re able to perhaps count on that a PC release is on the playing playing cards.


The international of the Zone

The Stalker series is about in an opportunity fact where there’s been a second nuclear disaster in Chernobyl. However, the endeavor featured mutant animals, flora, or even humanoids in the Stalker series. Which has been praised for growing the Zone the internet site stricken by radioactivity that harbours most of these mutants. Similarly, the 2d recreation Clear Sky is ready one year earlier than Shadow of Chernobyl! Therefore, the game Call of Pripyat is ready a 12 months after the events of the primary.

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