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Spintires simulator is an advanced off-road driving. Sitting behind the wheel of the truck we have safely delivered to the place of precious cargo, struggling with extreme conditions in the Russian wilderness. Spintires is an advanced driving simulator truck. As a professional driver we will explore the wild wilderness and forests of Russia, and our goal is the efficient delivery of goods from point A to point B, ensuring adequate supply of fuel and cargo security. For the creation of the game corresponds to the independent UK studio Oovee Games, having to his credit, among others, very successful additions to titles such as RailWorks or Flight Simulator X.


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Description of the game

Our career start in the late 80s of the twentieth century in the former Soviet Union, with the disposal of various types of trucks, including classic Zila 130 or Ural 4320 and a set of simple navigation tools. Determining the route using landmarks we must remember that the load supplied by us must arrive at the place intact. In carrying out another order, gradually we unlocks additional pieces of the map and hidden there sawmills, gas stations and garages. We also receive access to newer and newer models of trucks, when parked in the garage can be freely modified by installing a number of useful improvements, such as additional lighting, repair kits or new types of tires. The game was created based on built from scratch, proprietary graphics engine VeeEngine, the benefits of using Havok Physics.

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Story of game

Simulators. How many came out of the last few years – almost infinite amount. This is the kind of fun that indigenous players mostly ignored. Not for them the simulator Farms, Crane Simulator, Simulator City Bus Drivers and other similar inventions. If you have something of this species has a chance to break the “salons” hardcore gamers must have “something”, which will be taken seriously this production. Euro Truck Simulator 2 conquered their hearts themes, detail mapping in real trucks, miles of perfectly flat roads and good gameplay. Surgeon Simulator – a humorous atmosphere. Polish Car Mechanic Simulator interesting idea and similarity issued long Gearhead Garage. Spintires while tried to break through an emphasis on advanced physics ground and putting in the hands of the players the possibility of rides by the forest marshes old Russian trucks. I grabbed this idea so that it is the player with the financing of social dropped to produce the title. As a result, the game has not only photo-realistic graphics, realizable even on slower computers, but most of all great physics, which is not ashamed to no-budget production. The creators also put on a very high realism. Our truck will require regular refueling and our every mistake or a laid-back behavior while driving, you may end up a serious defect in the car or the total Burrowed in the mud and prevent supply mission to the end.¬†Besides the traditional campaign designed to play alone – the creators have implemented the cooperative multiplayer mode, in which the various tasks you can perform the combined forces of up to four players, where, for example. One of them will be operated crane loading and our partner will take care of delivering the goods. It is worth noting that Spintires has been recognized already at the production stage – the game was awarded in two categories at the prestigious Intel Level Up, 2009.

Some of the players may laugh, but part of the totally do not understand, but it’s really a game about driving an old truck through difficult terrain. Even our destination recedes into the background, because spending time with Spintires the idea is to enjoy every kilometer defeated. And there is plenty, because the title means us not patyczkuje. The beginning of the adventure is characterized by a relatively high level of difficulty – we do not know yet how to effectively drive a car, how to use a crane how to cope in a difficult situation or which roads to take, in order to safely reach their destination. Spintires simply has a high entry threshold – at the beginning of their need to expiate, and only with the passing time we gain experience that will help us as free gaming experience with this title. Developers have prepared five different maps. They were made in a similar climate, vary, of course, laying the ground, roads and how much on the map is water, hills and plains. The more the first two elements that generally play harder, but do not be afraid – of any of the maps can not be defined as easily. Fun always starts in the home base where we choose we are interested in the vehicle and move ahead. Purpose largely depends on us. Part of the map at the beginning is in front of us covered – to expose it should reach the point of discovering the map. Some are readily available, while others are positioned in really difficult to reach the location. However, it pays to discover her as much as possible, because between the braided like pasta forest paths easy to get lost even with the disposal of the exposed map, let alone when we only know the general direction in which we want to go. Exposed map will come in handy if you decide to do the main objective, thus bringing to the sawmill cut the logs of wood. And do not be deceived, it just sounds simple. After the first two places are spaced up. Secondly, it is never so that between the two points could pave a simple commute. If, however, either looks straight expect that on your way you will meet the deep, steep or gruesome mud – the thing that will encourage you to deviate from the chosen path early and find a new route. This is often the first nail in the coffin. If you do not do with a high probability it can be predicted that your adventure will end up on one of the previously mentioned obstacles. However, if you take another step to find a new route, most likely between you access a tree and get stuck, utopicie truck in like a shallow river or przewr√≥cicie pushing it through the thicket. If not, then there is a good chance that you will end up the fuel before handing over the goods to the place. And when you take another step tanker to refuel his truck turns out that spoils it incredibly easy and can refuse to obey halfway to where you left previous vehicle. Extra, right?

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