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Turn based strategy game, a computer version of the popular Games Workshop board, set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. We direct in it a branch of space marines from the Legion of Blood Angels, who must investigate the wreck of the giant Ship of Damnation, where the presence of biological genocide has been identified. Space Hulk is a Windows PC adaptation of a board game under the same title, which was released in 1989 by Games Workshop. Since then, it has gained a wide circle of fans, has received many awards and has had several reissues, not to mention imitators.


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Description of the game

In 1993, it also released its first computer version, created by Electronic Arts. For the new Space Hulk is responsible for the Danish studio Full Control, which has its own account, among others. Frontline Tactics free-to-play turn-based strategy. The game is almost entirely based on a classic board game. We direct in it a branch of the Terminator of Space Marines from the Blood Angels Legion, who are sent to a floating shipwreck of a giant ship – the Damned Sin, where they have to confront the horde of killer genocides – the organic race of alien predators. In total we get 12 increasingly difficult missions. It combines them with the fact that usually the condition of winning is not to eliminate enemies, but to perform the task indicated. The creators took care to accurately reproduce the realities of the board game. Corridors of Sin The condemnation is claustrophobic, dark and winding, and the enemies who stand on the path of the marines’ space maneuver are distinguished by high levels of artificial intelligence and cunning.

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Story of game

The Space Hulk also uses similar turn-based mechanics in which the role of randomness plays an important role, as well as the understanding of the movement of soldiers and opponents, as well as the appropriate use of various weapons and abilities. In their understanding, three introductory missions help. In addition to the single player gameplay, Space Hulk lets you play with other Warhammer 40,000 fans around the web – in direct combat or cooperative combat against a computer opponent. Of course, in the first case, one of the players directs horrific genocide. Having dealt with a board game adaptation in which it was possible to build your own board from the box items, Full Control Danes have made an effort to add an extensive level editor. So good for lovers of electronic adaptation of the Warhammer 40,000 world probably has not been – from the very good Gothic Fleet: Armada, through the long awaited announcement of Dawn of War III, to the newly released Space Hulk: Deathwing. It is already n-th attempt to move the “hammer in space” and the rules of the Space Hulk board to video games, but we have not seen anything like this yet. I do not recall another title that would faithfully reproduce the atmosphere of this dark universe while allowing players to feel it in such a crushingly immersive way. And with all this, the Streum On studio has created a very good FPS – it’s just pity that with so many problems. Watching the pre-release gameplay from this position, it was easy to get the impression that we would get Warhammer: The End Times – Vermintide, but it was set in science fiction. Let us immediately explain that the association is right at most half-hearted. Although Space Hulk: Deathwing also seems to have been created for fun in co-operation, it actually offers enough storyline enough to be recommended to solo game enthusiasts …

And for good reason now it should be recommended to them only because the maniacs have fun here. For yourself very little attraction. But let’s start from the beginning. If I were to determine by comparison what the gameplay looks like in this production, I would say that it is a match between Doom, Star Wars: Republic Commando, and BioShock 2. With Deathwing’s first title, they combine hordes of monsters to kill and a hectolitre of blood spilling through the screen. With the second command a small squad of soldiers and set foot in a cult universe, recognizable at first glance. With BioShock 2, the work of Streum On Studio divides you into heavy armor, the ability to alternate using firearms and “magical” powers, as well as overwhelming climate, hooking up with horror moments. Anyway, the atmosphere is the strongest side of Space Hulk: Deathwing. The main contributor to this title is the Space Hulk – a drifting cluster of scrapped spacecraft that stunned by its monumental interiors, more often reminiscent of gothic cathedrals than futuristic machines. However, there is no cognitive dissonance, because when the silence around us rips apart the spasmodic groan of a bent steel structure every few minutes and we feel the colossal trembling, it is impossible to forget where we are. We do not care too much about it, because we focus more and more on the perpetual sense of danger – tyrants are attacking us almost every step, crawling with chicks from all the holes. You have to say it clearly – Space Hulk: Deathwing is not a proposition for lovers of dynamic shootings. This is a tedious battle for every room, separated by short breaks in which we treadlessly rush claustrophobic corridors, constantly peeking at the radar revealing the nearby enemies and map. The latter is indispensable to us, because the missions take place in the vast locations in which we go in and out, pursuing various goals. Significant, large space was not created for explorers, but for tactics – the labyrinth of passage requires planning a safe route, bypassing the “lair” of the genocide and / or abounding door that can be blocked behind. Feel the spirit of the board.

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