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Skill-based racing sequel to Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing. We play one of the heroes of the popular Sega series and sit on the steering wheel of vehicles that can transform into cars, ships or motor boats. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed is a fun racing game based on the legendary Mario Kart series. The difference is that there are Sega’s most popular brands at the wheel. The game does not take a seriously realistic driving model and instead puts on purely arcade fun. Heroes race with vehicles capable of transforming into cars, ships or motor boats – a novelty not present in the previous installment.


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Description of the game

Through spectacular and stylish driving, we staple the All-Star belt, which, when filled, allows you to take advantage of a number of special moves. The creators also took care of the wide range of weapons and a variety of gameplay modes. Introducing cars that can transform into boats and airplanes has allowed the creators to dramatically diversify their routes. As with the previous section, all available tracks were inspired by the classic games produced by Sega. Among the routes we will find. The temple of Super Monkey Ball or leaning on the Panzer Dragoon dragon canyon. The authors offered a fair amount of playable characters, including Sonic, his friends and enemies. There are also heroes from other series, including. Gilius Thunderhead from Golden Ax and known from the Skies of Arcadia Vyse. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed offers both solo and multiplayer modes. In addition to standard races, Competitions in closed arenas. Depending on the hardware platform, up to eight players can participate in the game.

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Story of game

Sega is not in the best part of its history, as the best proof of the title is the reviewer’s racetrack. Once the name of a Japanese company would be like an ox in it, but do young players blue logo in general still say something else? If not, then maybe it will start, because Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed reminds of Sega’s best times. Without Sega, but with Sonik, Tails, and other superhero games from Blue – Super Monkey Ball, Beast with Jet Set Radio, Golden Ax Gilius, Space Channel 5, and many others. The tours are also inspired. We will race in the circumstances of the Panzer Dragoon, we will hit the world out of Billy the Hatcher, but the biggest impression is the Afterburner – full of sea, airborne aircraft and alternate driving, flying and swimming. You could have seen her on our KwaGrava. Vehicles like Mr. Cars in the blink of an eye change into motorboats and planes, depending on the character, different parameters, and with the progress in the game we get their slightly modified versions. Well, we take care of the turn, we go straight to the road, and this is the end, so we immediately franties, performing in the air barrels. Sometimes the route changes within the race and despite the first lap we beat classically, the second route is already different and we are not going now and we are going. Interestingly, we can drift each type of vehicle, although obviously the most fun is when we do the wheels. We do not remove the finger from the gas even then, just put the second finger on the hand and elegantly beat the turn. The best thing about drift is that properly carried offers acceleration at the exit of the turn. This is the key to victory, so it is worthwhile to slip even when it does not make sense. How to play races, it’s matches. The set is classic but reasonably balanced and unmanaged. Opponents can be treated with fireworks, air trumpet or face, accelerated by boost, and the best is a star, which gives us immortality and smooth turns. Interestingly, you can also shoot rivals in the back, so we do not know the day or the hour when it will come to us to collect the bullet in the eye. In the air, they can easily be avoided by doing evolution.

There are a lot of game modes, though they are not very sophisticated. Mostly it’s about getting to the finish line in the top three or first, there are time trials and duels with one opponent at a time. More imaginative variants are available in modest numbers and require, for example, drifting in designated locations or driving without collision. The perfect idea was to allow pursuit in multi mode. Colleagues can join our Grand Prix or any other race without the need to launch multiplayer. Classical pursuit of head to head we have on the net. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed looks great – at such a speed the graphics do not slow down, and the routes have enough detail. It’s nice to catch eye contact with the nuances and nuances of specific games, and also watch the driver when he improves his hair and looks behind his past rivals. The refined engine also allowed you to avoid the oddities of locking your vehicle in different places. In principle, such actions do not occur, we constantly move forward. I was tired of it a little music – known from Segi games arrangements are in large portions indigestible. The joy of driving is very big. Not only because there are 10 players in the race and there is a lot going on on the road. A great handicap has been balanced, and the foreman is not whistled at all, because he can also project bullets in the chasing participants. This game is a mine of playability, reminding the old good times of Mario Kart. This may be a bit exaggerated, but I think this production is for the current console generation, what Mario Kart is for Nintendo, and Crash Team Racing for Sony. At the same time, Sega’s character is better than the one from the Big N gammaries. At the same time, it’s not an easy game – the high level of difficulty is a big challenge, though it’s a shame that it does not translate into faster speeds. You could not even hear about Sonik Racer, because this is the category currently talked about LittleBigPlanet Karting, but it is Sega who is the most reasonable option this fall to play with friends in go-karts. In addition, it appeared in the lower price cap, so you can get it for less than 150 PLN. For me the quiet favorite of this fall, and from now also the default multiplayer at home parties.

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Game full version

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