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The fourth part of a series of tactical shooters under the sign of Sniper Elite, which is a direct continuation of Sniper Elite III Afrika. The action title set in Italy in 1943. Players take on the sniper, whose task is to assist the Italian Resistance and the Allies, trying to take control over the entire Apennine Peninsula. Sniper Elite Series is one of the few that focuses exclusively on the fun sniper. The cycle created by a team of Rebellion debuted in 2005, a game called Sniper Elite: Berlin 1945; although it has not achieved stunning success, it has gained the sympathy of players and received a few more hits and peripheral miniseries Zombie Army.

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Description of the game

The next fully-fledged part of the Sniper Elite 4 on personal computers. This edition is slightly different from the version on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. First of all, the changes are visible in the graphics – holders respectively strengths computers can enjoy the special effects, higher resolution and so on. In Addition, the PC game-tach was released only in digital form, activated on Steam. Boxed edition is only available on Sony and Microsoft. Here ends the differences between editions. The gameplay, modes, etc. are the same on each of the platforms. Also, bonuses added to the pre-orders were identical. In Sniper Elite 4 again we follow the actions of Karl Fairburne’a known from previous series of sniper, who from North Africa is sent to the Italian peninsula. He has the task, together with the Italian resistance movement pave the way for the coming invasion of the Allies on German-occupied Italy and thwart Nazi plans to create a “wonder weapons”.

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Story of game

Sniper Elite 4 is developing a solution that we could find in Sniper Elite III Afrika. Our task is to eliminate further goals, although the main missions diversified here about the challenges collateral. These can be performed in any order; we also have complete freedom in the way of their realization. Extensive sandboksowe boards provide in this respect a lot of room to maneuver; but we must be wary of German patrols, installations and military vehicles. Maps – significantly higher compared to those of the previous series of hits – image Nazi fortifications, picturesque Italian towns, forests and monasteries. As befits a game dedicated to working sniper, during the shot, we take into account not only the positions of enemies, but – on the higher difficulty levels – including aspects such as wind strength and direction and the effect of gravity on the flight path of the ball. In addition, for the first time in franchise history a player has the option to reset the telescope depending on the distance to the target. Also developed a set of movements Karl, who can now climb to the previously inaccessible structures. The campaign can go alone or in co-op mode for two people. In Sniper Elite 4 on the PC Windows platform there is also a multiplayer, which offer several modes of play, known from previous series of hits and a walk with wave after wave of enemies.┬áThe game is the first representative of this series, which was created without any technical limitations imposed by the capabilities of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Developers can therefore how best to optimize its performance and graphic design, as well as to prepare a much larger map.

Sniper Elite 4 is a tactical shooter developed by UK studio Rebellion Developments and published by Sold Out. The title was released on computers and consoles PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The fourth part Sniper Elite is a direct continuation of the third part. The main character of the game is again Karl Fairburn, an agent of the Office of Strategic Services, the British intelligence agency during the Second World War. Fairburn is sent with the weighty mission on the Italian peninsula. It has to prepare the ground for the Allied offensive and at the same time help the Italian anti-fascist resistance movement. Sniper Elite 4 is a tactical shooter in which we observe the action from a third person perspective. The campaign consists of a variety of missions during which our tasks boil down to the elimination of stated objectives. Production Rebellion gives us a lot of freedom in terms of how to approach the performance of the mission and what means to use. The most important ‘tool’ equipped Fairburne’a, of course, a sniper rifle, but apart from that there are also other possibilities of eliminating enemies, for example. Quietly by slitting the throat. When using the sniper must not only aim well, but also take into account other factors, like the wind strength and direction. In the ‘top four’ there is of course characteristic of the previous parts of the x-ray / x-ray, which vividly illustrates that inflicted damage to the opponent. In this context it is worth mentioning that the artificial intelligence opponents was more elaborate, because they cause more trouble. For example, after the disappearance of the enemy they begin to look for him his comrades in arms. In addition to the campaign, the game also has multiplayer modes. First, to dodge this way you campaign. Secondly, the mode is survival, which together with another person we face the oncoming waves of enemies. And thirdly, there are also some multi modes designed to give more players. The clashes taking place in these six maps designed specifically for multi.

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