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In the Sleeping Dogs as a police officer working under the cover we get to Hong Kong, where our task is to develop one of the triad’s mafia organization. We watch from the perspective of the third person, and the game is full of spectacular pursuits and shootings inspired by sensational Asian cinema. The Sleeping Dogs were originally supposed to be the third part of the True Crime series, but after the legal perturbations it was necessary to change the title, albeit not the concept of the game. This time we will move to the Far East. The story is also strongly inspired by the Asian sensational films from John Woo’s school, such as Hard Boiled.


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Description of the game

In the game we meet detective Wei Shen, who is trying to infiltrate the structure of a dangerous criminal organization – Sun On Yee. In order to gain the confidence of gangsters, Wei must follow orders, climbing in the mafia hierarchy. The road leads through many smaller and larger jobs, where we sit behind the wheel of high-speed cars, jump on the roofs, and fight melee opponents. The above mentioned elements are the main content of Sleeping Dogs. The hero quickly learns martial arts, uses a variety of weapons, and many other sowing techniques. The place of action is reminiscent of Hong Kong, divided into several different districts. Of course, there are many side-effects and challenges that make fun of the city. An essential part of the game is the moral aspect of detective work under the cover, strongly inspired Splinter Cell: Double Agent. The player must be careful not to drag his hero to the dark side on the one hand and to keep the trust of the new employers on the other. Inspired by the countless number of American and Asian action films, they are evident in the crisp, expressive production. Visually, the game looks really good and captures the atmosphere of an East Asian metropolis in full glory.

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Story of game

So why are we reviewing Sleeping Dogs instead of True Crime: Hong Kong? Shortly after Activision announced that the production of United Front Games was off schedule, Square Enix was interested in it. However, the company could not use its previous name and had to come up with its own, that is, the one you see in the heading of this article. Whether the reader is spinning media with a new True Crime or Sleeping Dogs, from the player’s perspective, is least important. The most important thing is what you see on your TV or monitor, and you can really see a successful position, providing up to a dozen hours of high-level play. First things first. From the very first moment, feel that United Front Games was heavily attached to the Sleeping Dogs. The plot does not leave illusions – the authors want to serve us not only absorbing gameplay, but also to present quite interesting story of a policeman acting under the cover. Officer Wei Shen has the task of working out a criminal organization under the name Sun On Yee. The script, though it seems to be very well-executed, is very well run and abounds in a couple of turns of action, as a result of which the player begins to take on the fate of both the main character and his gang of gangsters. It is only a pity that charismatic figures can be counted on the fingers of one hand – all the rest unfortunately does not fall into memory. Completing the main story Sleeping Dogs will take the average player about ten hours and all side missions at least twice as much. It is important to be aware, however, that passing only the correct script and omitting all the rest of the content provided by United Front Games would be extremely damaging to this studio. The authors created a sizeable city, where it is easy to find additional tasks. First and foremost, we can take care of the quests that one of the policemen performs. These things often require the same commitment from us as the stages directly related to the story. Besides, it is possible to test your abilities in races in the city. We can also visit nurseries where we develop our maneuverability. But that is not all – sometimes even ordinary passersby will ask us for help and – as soon as it turns out later – seemingly easy task can turn into quite dangerous chase. In the metropolis there are also shortcomings, thanks to which we will increase, for example, the health of our hero.

The character development system in Sleeping Dogs is not extensive, but it is undoubtedly very interesting. This is because our protagonist can earn points in three categories, such as a policeman, a triad, and fame. The experience gained while performing further missions gives you access to new skills. However, this is not all that the United Front Games prepared for this issue. If we want to be an undercover officer who, despite the specific nature of the task entrusted to him, does not break the law for no reason, we must obey the rules, not break the bones, do not devastate the surroundings and finally kill the innocent passersby and not steal the cars. Why? For all offenses we receive negative points in the category of policeman. As far as the triad is concerned, this is the experience we acquire here, among other things, in the fight against opponents, both as well as with the use of firearms. Hong Kong is a large metropolis, also in the virtual world of Sleeping Dogs, so running from one end to the other takes quite a bit of time. Sometimes we have to reach the goal of the mission by beating up to three thousand meters, but fortunately the manufacturers do not force us to long trips. At any time, we can use a taxi if it is within sight of us, and there is a special icon above it. Then after a long time we will be moved to the place where we will start another mission. However, if we decide to go, we can use GPS. This, at least in theory, will show us on the mini map the shortest route. And on this trip it is sometimes worth going to visit, because the climate of the city just poured out of the screen. It is also worth noting that in the game there is left-hand traffic. The Sleeping Dogs’ undeniable asset is the melee system. As in the memorable action movies, the main character simultaneously deals with several opponents. Enemies, even if they surround our protagonist on all sides, still have little chance of survival. We have a large number of attacks, we use both fists and legs, serving the opponents light and strong blows. There is also the option of contention – to use it, wait until a red border appears around the opponent and then press the corresponding button. There is also a shortage of Quick Time Event sequences in clashes and many impressive finishers – the most interesting ones are using the elements of the environment. Breaking the head of the loudspeaker, grinding alive, dropping the intruder from the floor to the dance floor in the club, splashing on the spikes, are just some examples of violent action ending the lives of our enemies. Generally speaking, non-firearms are the biggest attraction of this production – they provide far more fun than chasing or the stages we use for the game.

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