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Goat Simulator is a humorous project of the Swedish Coffee Stain studio. In production, players play a unruly goat and they are supposed to do as much damage as possible. The title was created by chance and has a humorous character. Goat Simulator is a humorous game created by the independent Swedish Coffee Stain studio. The absurd design of a crazy goat simulator was born in a coincidence.


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Description of the game

Initially it was supposed to be just a joke, but the first videos on YouTube aroused great interest. In this situation, the developers have nothing else but to refine the game and release it to the market. Coffee Stain Studios has long been known for its Sanctum series, a combination of FPS tower defense games. In the Goat Simulator, players take on a form of unruly goat named Pilgor and have the right to do as much harm as possible. The gameplay combines many absurd elements and is definitely humorous. In the game, such as bugs, such as the unnaturally extending goat’s neck, or the possibility of entering our four-legged heroine on the ladder, they are intentionally left behind. Goat Pilgor runs with a stretched tongue by which he can catch various items to help them with even greater damage. The game has been equipped with a set of modding tools that offer the Steam digital distribution platform. Thanks to this, production fans create new challenges and objects. The Goat Simulator is based on the Unreal Engine technology, so the graphics are realistic, which only exacerbates the absurdity of the game.

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Story of game

I’m a goat. You do not know what goats do? Perhaps you have been fed throughout the life of the lies of human propaganda, that goats are rather boring creatures that look blankly chewing grass. But that’s not entirely true. Goats are weird … Goats are neither exaggerated sweet nor threatening, they do not roar like lions, they are not remarkably unusual. But did you wonder why the figure of Lucifer, the ruler of hell, has been presented as a man with a goat’s head for ever? Ha, that’s right … the goats are leading a secret second life that has been trying to conceal humanity for years by creating the illusion of a simple animal life. Nothing is more wrong … Coffee Stain Studios guests have discovered what really are these powerful monsters and they have made the game. Okay, probably not, but it’s a bit of a climatic change. You can also put Mendeleev’s half board in order to have fun, but I leave this most courageous. Kozutians wishing to take a mystical trip to the interior of the goat mind. That i’m raving Forgive, this game is able to wash every mind. Beeeeee! I’m a goat. Gray like that. I have horns, ears and long tongue. No goat, just plain kind. An animal like that. I am, however, a goat without limit what we call the real world. Like Neo in Matriks I’m a goat imprisoned in a program whose boundaries I seem to be slowly exploring. Do you think I breathe the air? Forget the rules. The goat’s ethical code set aside. I know that some laws can be bent and others break. Including all known laws of physics. I still do not know jujitsu. Maybe it’s just a matter of time. Philip K. Dick was contemplating the sense of humanity in his classic style, which Ridley Scott later tried to help Harrison Ford move to the big screen. It came out pretty well.

However, if Mr. Dick were to consider meditating on the goat’s existence instead of Android Hunters, we could find the adventures of alienated goats in a world full of people unable to understand it. Why did he choose people? I do not know, maybe he was not as weird as the Coffee Stain people, but as long as the Android Hunter did not make a big profit, Goat Simulator could make a fortune. Suddenly it turns out that we are all goats today. Barrack Obama maybe also. The phenomenon of goat simulator consists of at least several factors. Firstly, it’s a one-to-one transfer of the creators that they make a game like this. So we have to do with the pastiche of joke, a kind of attempt to realize the pure abstraction shown on the first trailer. The idea of ​​creating such a stupid game was so absurd that it quickly became apparent that he could set new limits in terms of idiocy in games. Something like video clips on the net, where the guy drops a bowling ball to the genitals. Idiotic as much as you can imagine, but someone is watching it. Secondly, this game is just fun, and in all its absurdity, it’s pretty well thought out. As for a sandbox for physics there are actually quite a few things to do here. The Goat Simulator has something of Ground Zeroes in it. If we get up we can play in that moment and say that money would be better spent investing in other ways, but on the other hand with the desire to get into the goat world we will start to discover new elements that simply bring a smile to our mouth … Faces. The main purpose of the game is good fun. It depends on us how we will get there. We can search for hidden secrets, spread chaos, bounce off cars, fly with a jetpack, or perform tasks from a list prepared by the creators. Only so much and so much. We have a ragdoll, a physically limp, a hard head, and a tongue acting as a hook from Just Cause 2. And our imagination, of course. This game is a challenge in itself.

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