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Serious Sam 3: BFE is a Croatian studio shot of Croteam shooting from the perspective of the first person. Players are playing the title tough guy who is trying to save Earth from invading the Mental army. The creators remained faithful to the basic assumptions of the series, including the specific sense of humor and the multitude of weapons used to exterminate opponents. In terms of features, the game is a prequel to Serious Sam: The First Encounter. Serious Sam 3: BFE is the third installment of the hugely adventurous and humorous adventures of the title character, who normally battles hordes of bizarre aliens, demons and other beasts. The production was prepared by Croatian studio Croteam. The game is a prequel to Serious Sam: The First Encounter.


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Description of the game

Serious Sam is one of the hardest guys in the history of electronic entertainment. In this adventure, the hero attempts to fend off the attack of the Mental army, known from the previous parts, who wants to take over the Earth. We fight against the background of the ancient temples and the cities of futuristic Egypt. The creators continue to put on careless, arcade and bloody gameplay and a large portion of a specific, somewhat humorous humor. Thanks to that, we get quite a classic first person shooter with a few new ideas. The characteristic feature of the series is that we fight with real hordes of enemies. This has not changed in Serious Sam 3 and again we come to fight the battle with dozens of different opponents at the same time. Most of the races take place on quite large maps, so we always have a lot of maneuvering space. The manufacturer prides himself on not having made a fashionable hiding system in the game behind obstacles or the ability to eliminate opponents from hiding. Instead, we get a share of pure action.

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Story of game

Serious Sam 3: BFE is a game with one essential feature: you know what you expect from it. Some will say that predictability is a disadvantage, but I would argue with such a position – the new Croteam production will reach those who really have and want to reach for it. These disappointing people probably will not meet. Others who prefer to keep their distance from the old school can also feel the noses at once because the Croatian Roman Ribaric’s crew is not hiding the fact that the style, despite the change of the epoch in the industry, is not going to change. In the game, compared to the previous parts from a few years long, little has changed. This makes Serious Sam 3: BFE already selectively target the target audience, whose members should be at least satisfied. If any service or industry magazine would like to honor the past 12 months of honoring the game with the highest stock concentration, Serious Sam 3: BFE would be a brick-and-mortar favorite to win such an award. The structure of most missions is well known to the adventurers of the title character: Yana, a moment of respite to get your first aid kits, armor, ammunition and weapons, shadows, hidden rooms, even more fighting and boss battles. There is no mention of the guard system or QTE sequences – Serious Sam accepts everything for an exaggerated cage, and only occasionally uses the surrounding buildings to hide from the massed assault of a giant scorpion and his carbines or air bombardment of cosmopolitan righteous proportions.

The fight and its intensity in Serious Sam 3: BFE could be solved long. It is worth emphasizing, however, that the shooting makes us wonder that the FPS genre has gone in recent years in a completely different direction – the direction of such realism. Here you can die from a single shot in the head, there you blur the picture before your eyes, yet elsewhere vital forces recover only after some time. In Craftam’s arcade shooter, everything works differently – for a hit with such a weapon, the number of health points and armor decreases for a specific number of meshes, and that kind of medicine, raised without any animations or procrastination, immediately increases HP’s health by as much. Rules are extremely clear. There are also several aspects, such as the schematic behavior of the opponents or defending, but in favor of the player, the detection of the hits that encourage them to play the game more open. The word realism in this game is not raison d’être. Of course it leads to some strange situation – Sam can pick up at least a dozen types of weapons at once, but on film cutscenes or from the perspective of the third person do not see any of them. Deviating from normality is also a storyline, but here at least the creators, unlike the producers of a very popular FPS series, are not exposed to ridiculous, since from the beginning to the end a little consistency with reality is the intended effect. Serious Sam 3: BFE – It is intertwined due to the fact that somehow, even if symbolically, these crazy clashes of the main hero with cosmic invaders had to be justified. In the battle theme words still belong to the opponents and arsenal that Serious Sam has. The enemies, which have already been underlined, operate schematically and with admirable consequences. Each of them has some strengths and weaknesses, each one has to adopt a certain tactic, which forces the player to change the approach, but also the weapon used. In the second half of the campaign, we have the choice of furnishing a whole store of articles for those who are going to war with aliens. This means that on the one hand we can live on a team of alien civilizations using a rocket launcher or a rotating gun whose power rises from the screen and on the other hand that when we run out of ammunition in more serious weapons we can still use these effectively. Tools that worked well at the beginning of the game.

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