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Saints Row 4 is named after the fourth installment of the popular gangster sandbox series. The biggest change over previous versions is to equip the main character with a set of superhuman powers, such as superhuman strength and the ability to make gigantic jumps. Saints Row IV is the fourth installment in the highly acclaimed Grand Sand Theft Auto series. The whole was rebuilt by Volition studio. In terms of features, the game is a direct continuation of the third part and its action begins exactly where the “base” campaign has ended. Zinyak is preparing his army to invade Earth, desiring to possess her raw materials and women.


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Description of the game

This threatens the implementation of his plans to only gang Third Street Saints. That is why a foreign general wants to win a leader group and imprisoned him inside the virtual simulation of Steelport. This computer location seems to resemble the prototype, but it was designed to make our hero a slave. Many times we also appear in other places, among others. In the typical American city of the 50’s, in the middle of a computer program or on a huge spaceship. The game offers an extensive campaign consisting of a powerful set of missions, both those in the main story line and the side quests. The basic gameplay mechanics mostly remain the same as in previous releases, with one exceptionally important exception – the player-controlled hero now has a number of super-powers. Our character was endowed with Superhuman strength and speed, as well as the ability to gigantic jumps. This significantly changes the gameplay possibilities and allows for even more crazy fun and more demolition.

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Story of game

At Saints Row 3, the Volition studio has climbed almost to the heights of absurdity, often at the same time boldly crossing the boundaries of good taste. It would seem that the team reached the point where the only good solution would be the popular last-minute reset series and start over again. “These numbers are not with us!” But they seem to speak to us, moving in part four even further. And interestingly, doing it at times in a masterly way. However, if it was not too sweet, I would mention at the beginning that Saints Row 4 also has a lot of flaws. And it’s pretty serious. The beginning of the game, a proven patent stolen “master of suspense.” Just a few minutes after selecting the launch option, the world literally crumbles our minds, the Earth is annihilated and our alter ego gets into the virtual world. After a few more minutes we escaped from the VR, then from the tank where the Aliens are breeding us to finally be caught by our ships in the “real world”. If at this point you light up in the neon head with the inscription Matrix, it means that you have a properly functioning system of associations. I also hope you will forgive me for this small spoiler, but without it it would be almost impossible to relate to many elements of the game as well as the construction of the game world itself. We keep running parallel in two planes. The first is the virtual reality generated by the computers of the ship Zinyak, where we spend the most of our time. The other real world, in which the Zin Empire invaded and destroyed Earth, capturing at once the chosen representatives of our race. As easy to guess, our task is to take control of the simulation and break away from Zinyak’s paw. The only pity is that the plot is – very subtly – very symbolic. It’s hard to get rid of the impression that it was cut to a full and long game, and the expanded DLC, which was supposed to be initially four. If you look closely at it and analyze it in the cold, it does not offer us too many surprises or turnarounds. It is primarily a pretext for introducing several characters to the stage, sometimes also explaining certain non-typical rules of the world.

Fortunately, it does not bother us so much if we accept the creators’ proposition, the ridiculously parodistic formula. I’ve roughly compared Saints Row 4 to Far Cry3: Blood Dragon, and I did not do it for no reason. Both titles combine the most important feature – a wide conventionally-conceived game in which the new Volition game can often shine. If at that moment someone asked me “Why play Saints Row 4?”, My answer would be simple: just for fun with conventions, tastes, references and parody. The team responsible for the Saints Row series has proven more than once that the ideas for diversifying the game are not lacking, and the four have a real festival of this type of tasty. Starting with Matriks’ basic concept, comic superheroes, or levels taken from the classic beat’em up games, and ending with armor-piercing like Dead Space, everything is just floating in the sauce of the references. There is so much that the list – which will inevitably arise after the premiere on the fan pages – will dazzle many hunters of this type of taste. Of course, there is still the returning Matrix, of course, but even the Mass Effect series is as strong. Easy to grasp the romance options on our ship is only an admiration. If you want to see absolutely the best yet interactive parody of Mass Effect 3, you will find it in Saints Row 4. But what’s most important, these games are not limited to simple animations or genre scenes. Often these are stages, such as the already mentioned pixel-art aesthetic level in the convention beat up. Nevertheless, Volition clearly stopped with a shamelessly-hilarious, humorous humor. It was not entirely discounted from this type of cheap play, but much more really fun and funny jokes or cool ideas than perversion or disgust.

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