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Rocket League

Continuation of the game Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars, in which teams of futuristic vehicles, rocket-propelled compete with each other in an unusual variation of football. The authors of the distance to the disposal of players a whole new arena and cars, as well as more than 100 different modifications, which we can use in the game with a computer, or multiplayer duels. Rocket League has also improved the physics and dynamics of the game, as well as a much better graphic design. Rocket League for Windows PC is a futuristic sports game developed by Psyonix studio, which is a continuation of a 2008 for the PlayStation 3 production called Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars.


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Description of the game

Assumptions games are very simple and resemble somewhat the rules of classic football. So we have two teams, two goals, and the ball and the goal of the competition is to place it in the opponent’s goal. The gameplay is not, however, participate players, and the control of the ball celebrate through specially podrasowanych vehicles with rocket-powered. Fun diversifies among other things, the possibility of using the afterburner, which allows us to quickly move around the pitch or hit the ball with greater force. During the match, we can also win with opponent with a series of acrobatic tricks, and even try to remove it temporarily from the competition due to a collision with him at high speed. In the basic game modes matches taking place at the unusual arenas, resembling cages, and the individual cars are different players actually only appearance. They provide a very broad opportunities to adapt their shape, color, and style with the help of more than a hundred different gadgets.

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Story of game

Rocket League download pc is an interactive reminder definition of arcade fun. I do not think win in the native language of the competent counterpart. Sometimes you can put an equal sign between the “arcade” and “arcade” but it works mostly in contrasting collisions with some simulation. Write about Rocket League, that is an arcade game, it does not write anything. The rules are simple. This is football, they play two teams, made up of four cars. There we have gas, brake, jump, turbo and … that’s it. At the center of the arena there is a big ball, both flocks mechanical steeds rushing toward her and the fun begins. Initially, very chaotic and boiled down for forcing in a place where just going to end up a little balloon ball. If the opponents przysną or focus on mutual taranowaniu, might be able to push it towards the opponent’s goal. If you fall into it with the right impetus, perhaps even fall, as a result of the increase in funding us. But each of the other players have exactly the same plans and does not intend to let up even an inch of grass. For demolishing opponents points are awarded only individually – team it did not exist. A motor and responsible for the accident is disappointing. Destruction Derby this bad, but when we remember that it is about scoring goals, fun fun grows to exorbitant levels. There are no buttons corresponding to the shot, give the bottom of the cross. It all depends on which part of the vehicle with which the momentum and at what point we hit the ball – the continued will correspond to the laws of physics. The player has here almost absolute control over the car. During the stroke, we can turn it in three axes. Acrobatics are not just eye-catching. They are difficult, because they require timing, control and position your ball and avoid the enemies.

But their self-control is the key to opening a bag of goals. Salto forward made on the goal line on a regular basis will allow you to strike bumping “collar” ball, in the style of the legendary “scorpion” René Higuita. The offensive is even better, because every pirouette, abandoning ass car, or other overhead kick fiflak is another way to stroke play ball. You have a good sweat, flew to where we want, but fun scoring, assists and crucial intervention, allowing opponents to play on the nose is great. Even if you played a prominent role in all of this fart. It’s no insult to randomness. Not in a game in which it provides an incredibly diverse matches and makes sure it will not be boring. How many times silently I cursed when things did not go my way. How many times have hit on the seat to bear a hand in a gesture of triumph and nailed it plummet to the fate that allowed to play the action of life. Well, at least for the next game and the next, even more crazy action. Is a fast and spectacular game that pours from the screen sea color and a pleasant audiovisual binding pulls into the world of his sport future. The success or failure of the action forgets quickly, because the moment the ball lands back in the middle of the arena and everything starts anew. But the Rocket League is far from simplistic fun. Experience gained in successive matches does their bit for the results. It allows us to provide better development of the situation on the pitch, play authentic shares and spread the fluff newbies who need to jump to every ball, even if they have no chance of Smyrna its fender. After spending the weekend I watched the game yesterday, a few games of struggle league Rocket League within the ESL and I saw that still a lot to learn from me.

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