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Adventure game created by Crytek studio, requiring a virtual reality goggle. Robinson: The Journey allows players to travel to Tyson III – a strange planet they visit in the skin of the title character. The gameplay focuses on exploring the environment and solving logical and environmental puzzles, though there are also a variety of arcade sequences. Robinson: The Journey is a hybrid of exploration and adventure game developed by Crytek studio for virtual reality gogglers. The title was released among other things on the Windows PC platform. Robinson: The Journey is set in the distant future.


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Description of the game

The main hero of the game is Robin, one of Esmeralda’s passengers – a giant space ship. When the vehicle crashes, the protagonist manages to evacuate and safely land in the rescue capsule on Tyson III, reminiscent of the Jurassic Park movie. On the spot, the unknown globe is inhabited by various species of dinosaurs. The hero quickly tries to find other survivors – fortunately he is not doomed to a lonely hike, because it is accompanied by a floating robot called HIGS and a small tyrannosaur – Laika, whose help not once and not two come to use it. Gameplay in Robinson: The Journey on PC Windows platform is based on the exploration of the vast, jungle world. We watch from the perspective of the first person, and the area available in the game was divided into smaller locations, connected by narrow corridors. In addition to visiting a foreign environment, our task is to solve a variety of logical and environmental puzzles – these usually focus on finding objects and using them in a specific way.

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Story of game

If needed, HIGS comes with help, who will gladly share useful tips with us. In addition, the game has implemented a climbing minigra, whose mechanics bring to mind another work of study – The Climb. The whole is therefore pointing to the point of the grip through the head movements and the alternating pressing of the buttons for catching the right or left hand edge. We often come to enjoy the benefits of having a tame dinosaur – Laika can scare the smaller reptiles and distract the attention of their larger cousins. Robinson: The Journey is characterized by high quality 3D graphics, which is owed to CryEngine technology. Worthy of attention are both refined vegetation and realistically animated water, or full of interior details. Regardless of the platform, the title requires a virtual reality goggle action. We play Robin, a young boy who accidentally left the damaged spaceship. The escape capsule landed on a wild planet, a look reminiscent of Earth millions of years ago. Being accompanied by a levitating robot named HIGS and a young tyrannosaur named Laika, the boy decides to set out on a quest for other survivors. The game world was divided into larger areas connected by narrow paths. It is worth to note in the head special characters of the environment, because the available map shows only the outline of the site. Navigation is ours, but irritatingly circling HIGS gives hints. We include places by filling in a constantly updated list of often enigmatically described tasks, and these are based on solving simple riddles. In the jungle you have to figure out how to get to the top of the giant trees, and in the marshes we have to arrange crossing hot springs or find hidden parts of the ship. Sometimes you also need to use the trained T-Rex, throwing him the commands assigned to the direction buttons. Sometimes puzzles require the use of objects. We use the found lumps, which are the most common residue after a broken ship. Because of the lack of equipment, we carry items using Robin’s device, which looks like a PS Move controller.

By combining the pads, we can rotate, zoom in, zoom in and place them in the required places. It works very well and quite intuitive. The problem is the difficulty in locating scattered objects. They are not illuminated or marked, so it is easy to miss them. Of course, larger items are catching the eye, but finding a ring in the pterodactyl socket between eggshells can be a real problem and resembles the proverbial search for a needle in a haystack. Although Robin wears a Move-like device, we control the pad. At first I was wondering what made the developer not decide to control the wand, but the game quickly figured it out for me – the objects and places of interaction point with a head, so adding this indicator would introduce a difficult to comprehend chaos. And without that it is not easy. Climbing can be started when, after approaching the place where you can climb, the controller will turn into two hands. Head motion indicates the grip, and L2 and R2 are responsible for catching the left and right hand respectively. Yes, getting used to continuous waving is a key to enjoying the game. And now the most important – how the whole experience affects the well-being. In my case it was very hard to withstand more than 45 minutes. Robin is moving slammer and can not jump, which is an advantage, because I do not know if I would be able to play in that case. By rotating the right hand, the knob is set by default to jump the camera a few degrees, but after switching to a smooth rotation, the world is spinning, and the diadem scene is in the head. Similar distress I felt with climbing and head waving to locate items. For verification, I took the equipment for a weekend tour to check out the title on other people. Parents did not persist for more than five minutes, a little longer sister and brother. Only two young cousins ​​played 3 hours without any whining. This shows that the feelings depend on the individual preferences of the player.

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