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A real-time strategy game in which we are at the forefront of one of our modern nations and responding to all key aspects of the state’s functioning, we strive to ensure the welfare of our citizens. The game is set in the political realities of the beginning of the 21st century and puts a lot of emphasis on the bright and dark shades of power, allowing players a lot of freedom in achieving the goal. Realpolitiks is a real-time strategy game on Windows PC, where we are at the helm of one of the 21st century nations and we try to ensure the well being of our citizens. The native Jujubee band from Katowice is responsible for the creation of the game, which includes former students of CD Projekt RED, Traveler’s Tales and Infinite Dreams.


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Description of the game

The team is primarily known for its arcade Flashout, tactical RPG Spellcrafter, and Kursk’s paradocument adventure. The title of the game comes from the German term “Realpolitik,” meaning “real policy”, which is subordinated primarily to national interests, while at the same time rejecting moral and ethical factors. In terms of performance Realpolitiks can awaken the associations with the popular Europa Universalis series. Unlike the cycle developed by Paradox Interactive, the Jujubee studio is set in modern times and takes into account the political specifics and the realities of the early 21st century. We are at the forefront of one of our chosen nations, and by participating in world politics and international business, we try to provide the best possible conditions for our citizens. Gameplay is based primarily on state management in all key areas, and requires a number of strategic and political decisions that are reflected on a macro scale.

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Story of game

On the shoulders of players rest here. Challenges such as internal politics and diplomacy, economic governance, armed conflict, and espionage. During the fun we must also react to the events in the world and the fictional events that must face the contemporary leaders of the states. The whole puts quite a clear emphasis on the bright and dark shades of power, allowing players a lot of freedom in pursuit of the goal and the choice between acting right and cynical and questionable morally. The graphic design of the Windows PC game Realpolitiks does not differ significantly from the majority of the production called “grand strategy”, led by the mentioned Europa Universalis series and its numerous spin-offs. During the game, we spend most of our time on the political map of the world, making numerous decisions and looking at statistics showing their effects. Despite the complexity of the gameplay, thanks to its user-friendly interface, Realpolitiks are not only for hardcore strategists but also for players who have not had much contact with similar productions yet. When India and China started throwing themselves at atomic bombs, I was sure it was over. Atomic winter is a rather nasty thing, but I was mainly concerned with global economic indicators, which have been scrubbing for years, pulling down all economies, including Poland. And of course I played our country, because it is known that from this begin any game of this type, whether it is the historic Europe of Universalis, or just contemporary Realpolitiks. So when the Chinese and the Indians argued for something there, I did not even know exactly what, and they started playing ping pong with thermonuclear fissures over the Himalayan grid, cool. It was not the first attraction of its kind, obviously not. The Indians and Pakistani fighters, who had been beaten up by Kashmir earlier, had already given up atomically. Of course, Koreans in the north did not stop too much.

Twice they triggered a war with South Korea, twice planted fungi, and twice lost. I do not know how and why, because I only tracked the level of global pollution and worried about my gross domestic product per capita. And economic growth. Both to reduce to negative indicators by the general economic collapse. Sounds interesting, right? Unfortunately, it only sounds. I was in this stage of the game I was bubbling nose bore. Realpolitiks were supposed to be such a bridge-game, unlike the simplest global strategies, with little difference in complexity from the Risk board adaptation to the most elaborate and complex ones, such as Swedish-style Paradox productions in the style of Universalis Europe or the Crusader Kings. I do not know if the heads of the Jujubee studio in Katowice saw that there was such a niche on the market and that there was a demand for this type of game, or that they just came up with such a good idea to just push something between these two poles of strategic gaming in a full scale world. But less is it whether the idea was good or bad. The important thing is that it failed to perform. Realpolitiks were meant to be a little complicated and a little complex at the same time and easy to grasp and have a flat, nice curve in learning the rules governing the game. Unfortunately, instead of the curve we equate. Sloping. At first we can feel a bit confused here, even after passing the tutorial. It was supposed to be so easy, straight and transparent, and there are a lot of screens, coefficients, options and so on. Intimidating. But we’re starting to play, we’re starting to gloat over this or that and after a short time everything becomes more or less clear. It turns out that the game is actually not complicated and difficult. And then, the longer we play, the more clear it is that it is not complicated at all. And not at all difficult. And although theoretically we have the whole world at our disposal, any state on our globe, whether present or future, available in additional scenarios, without the difference of which we will play, will play exactly the same. And it’s not even about being simplified. Simplicity is not sin. No, the problem is too few options. Too few actual strategic decisions to make. For most activities there are simply no alternatives. Development is linear and in fact we as a player are reduced to the role of passive observer of what is happening. The only active action we can take is war. Wars, which unfortunately are not the strongest side of the mechanics of the Realpolitiks gameplay.

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