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Colonists crashes on alien planet and must fight for survival. In this Minecraft-inspired production we collect raw materials, build buildings, build vehicles and weapons, and battle local monsters. All this is connected by missions, between which we have almost complete freedom of action. Special technology allows you to modify the environment. Planet Explorers is a three-dimensional adventure game of survival on an alien planet. The production was prepared by the independent studio Pathea Games, which inspired such titles as Minecraft. In 2287, the first colonial ship departs from Earth, whose mission is to populate the planet Maria, located in the Epsilon Indi system.


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Description of the game

Unfortunately, a mysterious space ship appears during the landing sequence in front of the shuttle, causing a malfunction of the equipment. The earth machine breaks down and only some colonists reach the planet. Now they must fight for survival in a foreign world dominated by dangerous beings. The player embarks on one of the colonists who goes to a foreign planet and must fight for survival. At the beginning of the game we can determine the appearance and parameters of the character, which has some bearing on the gameplay. The fun itself involves exploring the environment, collecting raw materials, building and repelling alien attacks. The solo mode adventure features a series of story missions that make up a larger story. Studio Pathea Games wanted to give players the most freedom of action. Planet Explorers is always played on the same map but allows you to change it in any way. Thanks to the extensive system of influencing the environment and building we can build buildings, vehicles and even weapons. They are necessary because the planet Maria is swarming with monsters, animals and other opponents. Planet Explorers uses the Unity 3D engine, which guarantees good graphics with relatively small hardware requirements. The manufacturer has applied new methods of land modification, based on Voxeli technology.

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Story of game

Discovering new worlds has been the focus of pop culture since it existed: in the nineteenth century it was Verne, in XX – Star Trek, and in XXI? Certainly one of the mediums will be computer games, but the grand scale, nomen omen, cosmic – like No Man’s Sky – can effectively discourage players for this type of production. Looking forward to redemption through Mass Effect: Andromeda, It is worth mentioning the title of a far more modest budget, but no less ambition. How would you go about colonizing a foreign world? For simplicity, suppose the planet is very similar to Earth – it has a similar atmosphere, gravity and biosphere compatible with human organisms. This is how the Maria Globe is presented, which is sent out by a colonial mission composed of the best experts in their respective fields. Can not do without problems: when landing, the ship crashes – is falling victim to the attack? Sabotage? – and the task set out in the smallest details of the plan begins to resemble a burdened fire. Under such conditions, the player starts with the character from scratch. The first goals are obvious and will not surprise anyone who reads Robinson Crusoe: look for other survivors, gather the most useful materials for life, secure shelter. With advancement in the organization will also be advances in technology: bow, picks and copper armor will go into oblivion, eventually replaced by blasters, mechanical drills and titanium armor. The camp of survivors will be transformed into a colony, and after providing basic needs will be a time of much greater challenges – the more that the new planet hides many secrets. Basic elements of the gameplay will not be alien to anyone who has played similar survival games: from basic materials such as wood or iron, more and more advanced items are needed to survive, from armor and armor to drug and food to defensive turrets and combat vehicles. It will not be a spoiler that at some point the player will set up his own colony, with specialized workplaces, serviced by trained staff. And of course, you will not be without a fight, because the forests and fields of Maria are inhabited by creatures that would not be mistaken for the Final Fantasy series: from rabbit girls, overgrown spiders to giant flying cockroaches and paratrooper battleships with indestructible crusts.

What is surprising, however, is that the plot was not done at all, as is often the case in such productions. On the contrary – in fact it is surprisingly addictive … and, for lack of a better definition, matured? In any case, it picks up very positively, trying to make a scenario of classic, hard science fiction, no pseudomagic effects like Mass Effect, super-light or travel super-light. Of course, there are simplifications, but the story catches the Mohs Scale and holds her by the balls all the way to the end. Chapeau bass! Of course, players who want to focus solely on gameplay are also given this opportunity, due to their peaceful build mode or “combat” adventure. There is also a multiplayer mode, but the current status of netcode makes only the most savvy – and the happiest – will be able to use it without much frustration. Probably one of the greatest assets of the game can be implemented object design system. Its possibilities are endless – it allows for the creation of a sword or a shield from scratch, as well as a giant plane bombarded with parcels and rockets – but its service requires a lot of patience and patience. Especially in this place there is no good tutorial that will lead the player to handle a few basic works. I admit without beating that I did not have the nerve to play with voxelami, so in the game I was based on the models prepared by the creators. However, for those who demonstrate the ability to model, the radios of the game may increase several times – well, what’s better than splitting the toughest enemies with a sword-crafted self, or watching how our four-barrel guns tear them apart while we sip tea ourselves? The fight itself is solid, although its depth is lacking. You can choose between both white and distance combat, but close tete-a-tete is a good idea only for weaker opponents. To my surprise I mostly used the bow, but firearms and blasters also have their uses. Unfortunately, in both cases we can forget about combos or alternate firing modes – it remains to target where it should be and press the trigger / wash evenly until the enemy falls. Zero philosophy. However, the greatest strength of Planet Explorers, however, is the ability to balance all parts of the game so that no one goes forward, but everyone is supporting others. Need to get in the context of the plot somewhere to reach? Maybe better to do it with a new vehicle! But to build it you need to dig up the right metal ore and fuel and get the engine plan. At point B it appears that the colonist who has the plans was kidnapped and held in point C. So you have to prepare for the fight, which of course involves another task – and so it intertwines each other, presenting the player more and more new carrots to wish Develop your character. It is worth mentioning that there is no development here of an RPG character, and all abilities and statistics depend solely on the equipment used.

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