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Original adventure game with elements of horror. We play the blind girl who is trying to find the mysterious property that haunts her in dreams. It turns out that this place is inhabited by the spirit, for centuries terrorizing subsequent property owners. The heroine must unravel the dark mystery of the estate, having only her own intellect and a sharpened sense of hearing, which allows her to orient herself in the field by echolocation. Perception on PC Windows is an original first-person adventure game, maintained in horror style.


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Description of the game

The debut of the Deep End Games studio, which was set up by a group of experienced developers, was founded by a group of experienced developers. Such titles as BioShock, BioShock Infinite and Dead Space. The production has been financed in large part from the funds collected on Kickstarter. In the game, we play as a blind girl named Cassie, trying to discover the secret of a deserted estate, whose vision has been haunting her for some time. After a few years of searching, the heroine finds her in the small town of Gloucester, Massachusetts. It soon turns out that the property is possessed by an evil spirit who for generations has been terrorizing its inhabitants, and now turns against Cassie. Our protagonist must discover the dark past of this place as soon as possible so as not to become another victim of the spirit. During exploration of the estate, Cassie can not use any weapon, and her only weapon is her own intellect and a sharpened sense of hearing, allowing her to recognize the environment by echolocation.

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Story of game

The whole problem is, however, that every sound that is triggered, for example, by the heroine’s can, can betray our presence and evoke the spirit. When this happens, Cassie’s only chance is to escape and skilfully hide from the pursuer. The heroine can also throw various objects and launch alarms arranged in the property to distract the spirit. All the evidence found in the course of the game, which can reveal the dark past of the building, Cassie analyzes using your smartphone. When she succeeds in merging all the pieces of the next puzzle, the heroines move in time, following the events of the past few decades. Perception was created using the fourth-generation Unreal Engine engine, but its full capabilities in the game will not be appreciated. For most of the game we will observe only the black and white contours of subsequent rooms and objects. In this way, the authors of the game try to reproduce the non-typical extra-visual abilities used by the heroine. The exception to this rule are the scenes in which we move in time, following the events of the dark past of the estate.

Perception is the horror of a new Deep End Games studio, veterans of the industry who have worked on BioShock, Dead Space and Rock Band. In the title players will play a blind girl who goes to mysterious mansion. The main heroine of Perception is the blind woman Cassie Thornton, who goes to a mysterious mansion. The girl moves around and uses her cane – every movement, sound or click creates a visualization of the world. We will not get a shotgun, magic weapon, or anything like that. The heroine can only run and hide. The main element of the position will be unique atmosphere and built tension … Title as Alien: Insulation will allow players to play the “cat and mouse”, but also this time the players will play the defenseless and small animal. The title will allow you to experience the entire history of the mansion throughout the different eras – we will know the terrible events that took place here. Deep End Games, a veteran of the industry who has worked on BioShock, Dead Space and Rock Band, is working on the project. The leader of the band is Robb Waters, who designed the famous Big Daddy.

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PC Downloaden Game

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