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Path of Exile is a dark RPG designed for online play, embedded in the fantasy world. The game is a New Zealand Grinding Gear Games. There are six character classes in the game. Among them are the robber, the hunter, the templar and the witch. Each character represents three qualities: strength, dexterity and intelligence. The whole was based on a free model with micropayments. Path of Exile on PC Windows is an action RPG created by the Grinding Gear Games studio, designed for network play. The player embarks on a hero who has been exiled from his homeland to the devastated and unfriendly continent, Wraeclast.


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Description of the game

It is up to him to decide whether in the face of the killer postapocalyptic fantasy world, he will ally himself with other commissions, or will try, acting on his own, to face the adversity of fate. The game world is instanced, ie after leaving the city each team moves on automatically generated lands. Ideally, the group should consist of about 4-8 heroes. In this respect, the Path of Exile uses the solutions used in the first part of the Guild Wars series. In addition to the mode of cooperation, we can also participate in PVP competitions, where we fight single or team-oriented with other players. There are seven character classes in the game. Among them are witches, templar, hunter, shadow, marquis, master of fencing and descendant of noble family. The latter is unlocked after the game has been played on any difficulty level. Each character has three characteristics: strength, dexterity and intelligence. There are no free points in the Path of Exile, for which attributes are raised on each level of experience. The only way to develop them is to buy the right items from the development tree.

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Story of game

In the Path of Exile we have a nonlinear character development system. The development tree is a huge map of skills, consisting of 1350 individual entries. It is common to all character classes, which differ only in the place from which their development begins. The hero, advancing to the next level of experience, gets to release on skills one point. Sometimes additional development points are also obtained as a performance reward. All active skills in the Path of Exile are special stones that can be placed on slots in most items. Only after placing in the object, the player is given the ability to activate a given skill and begins to receive experience points, and consequently the next levels. Some “skill stones” are passive, ie they only add bonuses to other stones. They are used to “pinch” them to the right skill. The linked slots in the object are used for this purpose. Skills are in three different colors, while items are divided into the following: rare, magical, rare and unique. The rarer the object, the greater the choice of all kinds of passive abilities. The Path of Exile has an innovative economic system in which there is no hard currency, such as gold coins. Economics is based on different spheres of different powers. They are obtained by exchanging items in stores, sometimes they also fall out of defeated enemies. For the weakest items, players receive the most common spheres, while gaining the best is a fairly complicated and time consuming process. In total there are over 20 different spheres in the game, and the rarest of them require the exchange of items with different combinations of special abilities. The gameplay was presented in an isometric view, reminiscent of such series as Diablo or Sacred. There is no bloody animation in it. Like most free online games, the developers have introduced a number of micropayments. However, they only modify the appearance of the individual elements of the game. In exchange for real money you can buy, among other things, additional character animations, clothes dyes or alternate spell effects. Path of Exile is not a game using the business model “pay to win”.

The Path of Exile captures me from the very beginning of the action. Instead of some Great Evil, which has awakened somewhere and has to fight with it or some other threat to be faced, here we are simply banit, banished for some crimes there. The place of exile is Wraeclast, the continent of death, from which it does not return. And in fact, it is not a very friendly place, there are monsters everywhere, crazy people, wild animals or other beasts – and only a few people, hidden in the ruins of ancient civilizations and trying to simply survive. Cool climates, right? Such gloomy, uncompromising and … clean. Unfortunately, the Path of Exile later destroys this purist storyline, in which it turns out that there is some evil there and must be overcome, but fortunately this story does not push us in front of our eyes at all and can be omitted by treating missions as excuses to Traveling around the world and slaughtering its inhabitants. On the other hand, part of the side missions is even interesting and tells a simple but intriguing story. Sometimes it is worthwhile to bend over the text for a moment, or simply listen to what we say independent characters. But so generally known – thinking is harmful, so we came here to kill, to tear corpses of valuables and chew the balloon gum. And the rubber just ended … Path of Exile is bleak. It also immediately attracted me. There are no colorful Pok√©mon like in Torchlight 2, sweet but more bland, and there is no pretended, illuminated darkness as in Diablo 3. The Path of Exile is like the first Diablo – the darkness haunts us even in the green forest in the middle of the day . Enemies are so nasty that until they want to kill them for the second time, the blood is pouring in streams, and all around is old, worn out, rusty, and generally the kind that should be in such a forgotten gods place … Of course not by all the gods For those of us whose interests we usually do not want, Wraeclast think very intensely. She is beautiful. But less with it – it is grim, dark, realistically and bloody. Even our heroes look like gangs of thieves, rapists and murderers … because in the end they were not banished for innocence, no? As for the heroes precisely, the Path of Exile decides to take a very courageous step – it deprives them completely of character, in return offering almost total freedom. When choosing a character, we decide in principle only how it looks and how the game will run – then it may already be different, that is, as we are encouraged.

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