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Original third-person action game embedded in a dystopian world inhabited by anthropomorphic warriors such as rabbits, wolves, dogs, cats and rats. The main character refuses to take over the throne after killing a corrupt king and embarks on a dangerous journey to repair the anarchy and the lawless world. The game uses a physics-based engine, as well as a specially designed combat system. Overgrowth is the original third-person action game created by the independent American studio Wolfire Games, created on the initiative of David Rosen – award-winning uDevGames in the category of the best game developer on Mac OS X.


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Description of the game

Both in terms of feature and technological title is the development of the first amateur Production studio, Lugaru, which appeared in 2005 for PC and Mac. The plot of the game is set in a medieval, dystopian world, dominated by anarchy and lawlessness. The universe is inhabited by atypical anthropomorphic warriors such as rabbits, wolves, dogs, cats and rats. The action takes place several years after the events of the Lugar. The main character, Turner, after killing the evil and corrupt king is called the new ruler of the land. But he refuses to take his place on the throne, embarking on a journey of repairing the world. During exploration our protagonist will have to face a variety of opponents, using a specially designed and original combat system. It is based on cautious attacks, upheavals and high mobility of characters. Turner can use a wide assortment of white-on-white weapons and also has the ability to bounce punches so that almost every attack is able to turn against an attacker.

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Story of game

An important element of the game is the ability to use the environment. For example, a hero can use a tree branch to deflect a branch, or cross the river to lose a wolf hunting him. The game was announced in September 2008, while its relatively long production cycle was primarily used to improve the engine’s engine name Phoenix Engine. It is characterized by a refined animation based on physics. Thanks to this, the transition between running, jumps or perversions is exceptionally smooth, and animations depend on the circumstances, terrain, mood and even personality of the hero. The weather is also influenced by the weather. The texture is 2048×2048 resolution and realistic, dynamically changing lighting in the graphics. The author of the soundtrack for the game is Finnish composer Mikko Tarmia, responsible, among others. For music for the Amnesia and Penumbra series. The game has full support for mods, so it can be expanded and co-created by the players themselves. In addition to the traditional role-playing campaign, there is also a possibility of playing in the network, for example two-player versus versus.

And while every game in the SEA program that we’ve announced so far is unique in its own way, overgrowth is one of those titles that has been waiting so long for this opportunity. Imagine a four-person team, which has been developing a very promising game for the past few years, informing each and every day of the progress made in the production of the video. Overgrowth is a kind of brawl with open space in which we are … rabbits. Details such as gushing blood, unconsciousness, broken bones, damaged muscles and physicists working on the body during the blowout have been implemented some time ago and are constantly being improved by the developers. And perhaps this attention to fast, impressive and brutal fighting makes Overgrowth look like a very beloved child of their creators.

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