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Continuation of well-received action game with elements of tower defense. The creators have taken care of proper refining of the most successful elements of the predecessor and enriching the game with additional content. One of the biggest news is the cooperation mode expected by fans. Orcs Must Die! 2 is a continuation of the popular action game enriched with a number of elements characteristic for tower defense. The prototype was warmly received by the players, so the second installment is a natural extension of the ideas used there. Her creation was once again taken care of by the company Robot Entertainment, founded by former employees of Ensemble Studios, a developer well-known among others. Thanks to the series of Age of Empires.


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Description of the game

The action of the game starts only a few days after the end of the prototype. After destroying all portals contributing to the Orc invasion, the main character is quite unexpectedly thrown into a whirlwind fight against the next wave of disgusting creatures. His task is to stop again attacks of waves of opponents, which have come even more than before. This time he was not alone in this fight. Our magic mage helps a sorceress, whose magical skills are often extremely useful. The campaign traditionally consists of a series of increasingly complex levels where we can not let the Orcs get to the exit. On the way we set up various pitfalls, among which are all known from the first part and many completely new ones. If you manage to stop all attackers in a short time, you get a large number of skulls, and then you can dispose of them to buy upgrades of your power and traps. In contrast to the previous part, this time we also get skulls during the game, because they fall out of some monsters. The biggest and most anticipated new feature in the first part is the two-player mode. In that case, one of them takes on the war magician and the other one can direct the sorceress. Between the characters there are minor differences in the access to some weapons and traps. In co-op mode players receive less money for killed monsters, and these are more than solo, so proper co-operation is necessary to complete the stages. The game also features a new mode called Infinity, in which players must fight off more and more powerful waves of opponents.

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Story of game

Orcs Must Die! 2 is a follow-up to the warm-up of the tower defense game that came to the digital distribution market two years ago. The first episode captivated the simplicity associated with wild action at times transforming itself into chaotic, ingenious solutions and humor. And on these foundations also decided to build the second part. At first glance, there is not much change here, the best of which is the words of my wife, who – remembering my struggles with “one” – during one of the sessions continued to ask why I am playing again. Yes, Orcs Must Die! 2 is largely a copy of the predecessor. There is little innovation, though some of them, in a moment, are significant. The same dilemma arises as to evaluate this fact. On the one hand, this title is a separate entity and it would be more than just another portion of the tearing of wild hordes of green creatures. On the other hand, however, the question arises, why mix in a formula that has been tested and fell in favor of the players? The more that the copied schemes in 2012 are as good as they were two years ago. The story in Orcs Must Die: Death orc orthodox role did not play. Similarly in the second part, but still worth a few words to devote. There is an old saying that when you can not beat someone, join his ranks. So did the queen of orcs who once betrayed the law, and in the “one” failed in trying to transport their green, bogged down to the limit, hosts to the world of people. So she decided to apologize to the old master and, together with the arrogant young pistol, who so effectively set the barriers blocking the passage for her underdogs, now tries to resist them and bind them to the fissures. Our old, bold acquaintance of course also reports (not quite) obediently and together with the new pageant tries to prevent the catastrophe that would get the title orcs into the world of people. Although the task is serious and requires a lot of effort, our hero, like the first part, finds time to emphasize his splendor, exalt his new colleague and ridicule the helplessness of the coming creatures.

New heroine brings to Orcs Must Die! 2 not only develops the storyline, but also new opportunities for dealing with waves of orcs. First of all, it uses a different basic weapon than the alpha male known from the first part. Shotgun replaces her with a wand that can do true miracles. The basic attack is a normal shot, which is able to kill only the smallest opponents, but the special attack already has a great ability to sway confusion in the enemy ranks. One of the orcs is stunned, and instead of running into the cracks, he starts attacking his cousins. They do not remain indebted to him, and when finally deal with him, they are further stunned. Of course this generic gamer does not look passively, he only uses the situation and loads as many shots as he can in the enemy. Thanks to our prodigal daughter, the game becomes much more tactical – not only the purpose of the special attack, but also the moment of its use. It is best to use it in situations where orcs may also harm the traps we set out previously. In this area also little changed. In Orcs Must Die! 2 are back almost all the dams that have so effectively disrupted the life of orcs in the first part, and there are also some new features. The latter are associated with the appearance of a new character. Our queen of orcs, instead of muddy slugs, has ground traps that freeze the unfortunate adversaries, and the wall diverters of the arrows are replaced by acid-filled tubes. Both have similar actions to their earlier counterparts. In the rest of the arsenal the traps look the same. The player has a really wide arsenal at his disposal. Different traps are useful on different boards and locations. At higher levels of difficulty, especially when the waves of orcs follow two different directions towards the two slits, it is hard to resist the impression that only one pattern of setting up traps is correct – every other variation ends because of a disastrous defeat, and this kills The spirit of creativity.

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