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Mirrors Edge

Original First Person Action Game, where players have the opportunity to test their parkour skills. Embedded in the world of the near future, the plot depicts the fate of a young girl named Faith, who uses his acrobatic abilities to find evidence of her sister’s innocence wrongly accused of murder. Mirror’s Edge is an action game in which we observe events from the perspective of the first person. It was created by the EA DICE studio, best known for its award-winning Battlefield franchise. The action is in the not too distant future, in a vast metropolis, where every man is monitored by a caring, totalitarian government.

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Description of the game

But there are people who do not give up control and try to interfere with absolute power. In one of these people – Faith black-haired – we play us. It has the task of conveying important information so as to protect themselves from the ubiquitous eyes and ears of the government. When the heroine’s sister is wrongfully accused of murder, Faith discards information and attempts to clear her relative from the allegations. The game is distinguished first of all by the area in which we move and by the way we do it. So we visit primarily the upper parts of the metropolis – the roofs of skyscrapers, rope between them, etc. We run, jump and downhill due to the excellent control of le parkour – the discipline invented by the resident French youths. It involves moving freely in the urban jungle in an acrobatic way. While we have a variety of weapons available, Faith can also avoid enemies with his agility. We do not wear rich arsenal, however, because it makes it impossible to perform most of the acrobatics. In Mirror’s Edge there is also a “moment of concentration”, which slows the action, and Faith moves to become more effective.

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Story of game

We have seen – the biggest unknown this year is finally getting to the stores. Mirror’s Edge does not disappoint in the field of experimental play and fresh approach to the perspective of the first person. But it is a game for the elect: gameplay connoisseurs who will be able to turn a blind eye to the lack of momentum and the consequences of breaking up with the stick. With a closer look at this title, it turns out that Faith’s sexy adventures are something completely different than we imagined. What is this extravagant idea behind the noise around Mirror’s Edge? Of course: parkour in FPP mode. This wildly fashionable recent sport discipline is in the gaming world the only hope of preserving freedom of speech and the chance to fight the regime. We have a great city dominated by certain corporations – not necessarily “powerful and evil” but simply limiting the freedom of their citizens. While most people humbly accept this state of affairs, there are and rebels. Among them are Runners – people who use their almost superhuman acrobatic skills to convey secret information the only way that totalitarianism has not caught on: from hand to hand. The main character is just a Runner. The narrative presented in the game does not particularly describe her character, narrative is rather frugal and devoid of showing emotional bonds. Instead, it was set on immersion: all the time we watch the heroine’s eyes, even during intervals. Just before the end credits, we see the three-dimensional Faith in full glory – we have to be content with watching it in the cartoon movies introducing the atmosphere of the next level. A bit of a pity because the character is nice and visually appealing.

Feature mode consists of 9 stages, prologue and tutorial. The whole looks rather like a single episode of the series than the entire season. In general, we can be sure that one part will not end – but that is not the most important thing. It was a big surprise to me for the overall gameplay, which was very different from the imagery that aroused the teasers and presentations. First of all: freedom, or lack of it. Forget about the sense of openness in the world, the free choice of ways to go through levels, etc. Sometimes we face the dramatic dilemma of “climb the wall or bounce off the box”, but everything goes by the thread to the ball in a strictly directed way. The world is at one hundred percent non-interactive. We can not lift anything, move, destroy. We are only passive observers, stubbornly jumping on the walls. During the campaign, we meet two types of gameplay: chasing and solving “environmental” puzzles in the interiors. The first are roughly what we expected – there is no freedom in them, but there is a magical sense of rhythmic momentum. “Riddles” are a little bit confusing. They are not exactly evil, but they slow the game down, killing its characteristic “flow”. We run from the police on skyscrapers, emotionally we fall into a building. The voice from the handset is pushing us to escape the elevator as quickly as possible. And here the meatball – you have to jump into some barely visible ventilation grid under the ceiling, using perceptiveness, imagination and the ability to combine tricks. The record for this kind of downtime of more than an hour, because I was completely disturbed by spatial imagination. Of course, this time the game stretches, which looks good on paper, but the whole becomes less satisfying. We want to run, go crazy, run with the wind in our hair, and forcefully hold us in a filthy basement and make some sort of reckless jump into the hole.

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