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Metro 2033 is an action / FPS game, featuring numerous elements of survival horror and RPG. The action unfolds in the near future, in the days of the nuclear apocalypse, which has struck most of the Earth with Earth and contaminated the entire Earth. Survivors live in the underground glazing of the Russian subway and continue to resist the attacks of bloodthirsty mutants. Metro 2033 is a shooter set up in a relatively near future. The story tells of a nuclear apocalypse, where the population of all cities was annihilated, and the environment itself was experiencing massive irradiation and unlikely degradation. Only a few thousand people survived, which at the time of the apocalypse was located in the Moscow metro, the largest anti-nuclear shelter in history.


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Description of the game

The community, existing in the Russian subway, certainly has no easy life. There is no shortage of pure water and oxygen, electricity, and even food produced in underground farms, but that does not change the fact that the era of human domination over Earth has disappeared into history. Surprisingly, the animals on the surface suffered from mutations of various kinds, becoming very dangerous monsters. It is these organisms from the surface once that began to harass the inhabitants of the northern zone of the shelter, called VDNH. Over time, their attacks have become more and more dangerous, and the compact defenses, organized by the residents of this part of the object, over time has been strongly buried. The player starts the game by taking control of one of the young inhabitants of VDNH, who is about to get to the legendary Polis, the central part of the metro, to inform local residents of the imminent danger, and at the same time ask for support for the defective line of defense. Of course, the trip to the heart of the shelter is not covered with violets, not to mention roses – at every turn they pose dangers, guaranteeing the potential player a continuous fast action in underground Moscow tunnels. On our way we encounter many different kinds of equipment, including weapons and gadgets that help you to survive in a dangerous environment.

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Story of game

Metro 2033, is definitely one of the most interesting in recent years offers for fans of atypical shooters. Extremely atmospheric and full of interesting ideas, however, left in me some insufficiency. Inadequate mainly due to the fact that after the extremely promising first half of the game, the last stages a bit disappointed me. It’s a really good game, but obviously it was not a masterpiece. The Metro 2033 story was loosely based on the same novel by Dmitry Głuchowski. Let us play the role of Artem, a young boy from the VOGN station, one of the survivors of the nuclear holocaust of humanity. Our mission is to reach Polis, the legends of the “science and culture center” in the middle of the metro, and to convey the most important information about the new threat. During our hike through the corridors and stations of the Moscow subway, we will hit several times on familiar characters from the novels, visit the places that appear in it, or witness events that we could also read. But what matters is that these are just similarities and uses of motives – the game does not try to imitate the novel. Still, the whole really has a lot of this unique, unique climate. Especially in the first half of the game, when we have the opportunity to visit several inhabited stations. We go out into the “wide world” of our provincial station, we slowly learn the principles of the subway, we know different people, the bad, the good or just bizarre.

But before we can fully enjoy the climate of the screen, the artists are serving us with sharp cuts. And they send on a mission away from human headquarters. Metro 2033 still keeps the atmosphere, and can even surprise a few times with a few ideas, but … a lot is losing in my eyes since then. The creators are slowly building a great atmosphere, teaching us the rules of underground life, then suddenly ceasing to develop the most interesting aspects of the game, completely changing the convention. And I have the greatest regret about them. The beginning of Metro 2033 is extremely promising. During the trip we visit several inhabited stations, get to know people and their customs and the hard rules of life in the metro. We are quickly aware of our insignificant role and position, and that without the help of friends we meet we would not achieve anything. It is true that our interaction is limited only to listening to conversations, or monologues of the BN, but these characters react, sometimes funny, sometimes even aggressively, to our interest. It is sometimes worth staying at the talkers BN. It is from these conversations that we learn the most about the subway and the rules that prevail in it. Honey is amazing. We are also acquainted with extremely reliable and one of the most interesting economic systems, based on ammunition for weapons. The currency is much better in my opinion than the iconic fallout caps. And very universal, because in a crisis situation can be loaded into the magazine. The weapons themselves are just a few – in different versions – but that is enough for us. It is only a pity that the issue of improvement is predetermined and we have no choice.

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