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Medieval Engineers is a Keen Software House sandbox produced by the team that plays medieval builders and builders. Our task is to build a variety of buildings, produce machines and use all this to fight the armies of enemies. Medieval Engineers is a sandbox, focused on the construction aspect. The game was developed by Keen Software House studio, the authors of Space Engineers. Medieval Engineers were set up in the Middle Ages and the game focused on building structures, including fortifications, castles, and even entire cities, and constructing a variety of machines.


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Description of the game

There was also the opportunity to transform the land and conduct mining work underground. The whole is intended mainly for multiplayer fun. Both rival and cooperative modes are available, where we need to work with other players to counter artificially controlled barbarians. Regardless of the battle mode, it takes place mainly with siege machines and fortifications, rather than direct confrontation between the characters. Authors came to the topic realistically. Players use mainly techniques that medieval builders and builders actually use. The entire game is governed by an advanced physical engine that calculates the strength and behavior of raised objects based on their shape, weight and materials used. At the same time, the interface itself is easy to learn, allowing you to create new objects quickly and easily, although more sophisticated machines require proper planning. Medieval Engineers was created based on the previous VRAGE engine production team. The game has introduced many improvements, such as structural integrity and full support for DirectX 11 effects.

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Story of game

Studio Keen Software House did not get off to a good start, but all released “monsters” were forgiven him immediately when daylight spotted the Space Engineers. Inconspicuous production was baptized with “Minecraft in Space”, but anyone who fired it quickly realized that the whole was much more complex – building ships and bases was one thing, but the need to take into account the laws of physics introduced a new quality of play. The fact they did not work 100% properly, but the end result was still far more impressive than most other titles. Combined with a sandbox formula and a lot of freedom, the game was a huge success and if the recipe proved to be the first time, why not go again? The creators apparently came out of a similar premise, because their latest work puts on identical solutions – despite the fact that we go back in time for a good few hundred years. How does it all appear just after the beginning of the early access phase? In the Medieval Engineers feature layer we will not attest. Just like in any serious sandbox, here and here our only goal is to free the creation of reality, to build more buildings and to admire the masterpieces. The deeper message and fascinating history in all this lack, but after all this is not the case – in the end it is not a game in which we ride under the tower on a white horse and save the kidnapped princess. This time we are a simple builder who does not look out of the crowd with his looks or skills. Well, maybe we are somehow unique – few have the advanced engineering knowledge to put up entire cities and castles, but adding the rest of the “hero” was left to our imagination. And that’s what she plays in Medieval Engineers main role. In its current form, the title does not offer much, if you do not belong to the circle of creative minds, even in the empty space to find something interesting – deadly boredom. In the final version, the game has to include the mode of cooperation and competition in which we are building or competing with other players. So far, however, only solo play is available and it is additionally in a specific “god mode” in which raw materials never end, and the ability to fly facilitates planning further moves. So what can we do on the board the creators threw us? Building, building and rebuilding – and not just any.

The elements needed to build a dream house are not too many – the list contains about 30 items, among which are ordinary stone blocks, several types of roofs, crates, stairs or monuments. You can have a lot of fun with the built-in components, but the real fun – or even the challenge – starts when you decide to create something unique, like a trebuchet. While “traditional” erection of castles or towers requires accuracy and proper planning, this kind of machinery must be genuinely engineered. The right combination of individual boards and some simple mechanisms on paper looks child’s play, but when we get to work, it turns out that creating something that actually works can take a good few dozen minutes. The more efficient players will probably do it a bit faster, but the rest of the construction of the raised bridges or the catapult will spend a lot of time. People without DIY can focus on simply putting up walls, but here one has to keep in mind the laws of physics – badly placed walls or unsupported roofs can collapse at any moment, undermining our existing work. The fact remains that the whole looks pretty crazy. Although the game is only in the early stages of production, this item is now extremely refined. Sleeping buildings fall apart just as we would have expected, and at times, some minor flaw in the form of wall fragments, the whole is spectacular. Probably will sound a bit strange, but this view is a source of considerable satisfaction. During the time spent with the game I often erected smaller or larger buildings just to be able to demolish them in a few minutes with the help of thrown balls. At the same time, fighting would be worth mentioning. This is not the case at Medieval Engineers – neither now nor in the final version. Swordsmanship will bypass us and we will not be archers, but instead – as a real engineer – we will use our potential killer potential thanks to the aforementioned machines. In the only mode available today, we can throw the missiles by hand, but in the final product, larger and heavier bullets will be fired from the catapults and other similar things designed for this purpose. Assuming we are not competing with other players or we do not play solo, our next target may be barbarians – controlled by artificial intelligence warriors who are fond of throwing Mates on everything we built.

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