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Kôna is a parabolic hybrid of adventure and survival game developed by Parabole studio, where we observe the action from the perspective of the first person. During the campaign, the player must both survive the cold winter in the Canadian mountains and unravel the mystery of the disappearance of the inhabitants of a small settlement. Kôna is an adventure RPG game on Windows PC, enriched with survival elements. This is the first large project located in Québec Parabole team. The game starts in October 1970 in the northern part of Quebec, when the first signs of winter begin to appear.


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Description of the game

The plot axis revolves around the conflict between the native Cree community and the wealthy W. Hamilton, who owns the most lucrative copper mines in the region. This man is accused of destroying holy places in order to increase his profits. No one is particularly surprised when someone devastates his summer cottage in the mountains. Hamilton then recognizes that it is time to take the initiative and hire a war veteran, and now a private detective, Carl Faubert. However, when a man arrives at an appointment meeting, he discovers that not only can he not find his employer but also the entire local community is gone without a trace. Of course, his task is to find out what actually happened here. In Kôna action is observed from the hero’s eyes. The game is a combination of survival with adventure. So we are exploring the site, collecting clues and objects and solving logical puzzles. We have a camera and notebook, and after gathering enough materials, we can reconstruct scenes from the past. Besides conducting investigations, it is also necessary to take care of the hero’s survival. The area in which the action unfolds is full of various hazards, from low temperatures to snowstorms and starving predators. What’s worse, our lives are not only Mother Nature but also bloodthirsty legends such as wendigo. Weapons are hard to find and most often you have to rely on your own intelligence.

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Story of game

We have the middle of summer, the temperature is almost tropical. Moments hard to endure in the walls of your own home. He does not really want to do anything. In my hand is a review copy of the adventure game Kona – which is available on Steam for early access. I was counting on the fact that her frosty Canadian climates were a bit lively, and the story would make me want to play longer. In the game we play the role of detective, and to solve the problem we seem easy. Our contractor is a copper tycoon, a Hamilton. His cottage was devastated, and of course we have to find out who committed the act. Suspicions fall on local residents who are unhappy with the industrial expansion of our customer, destroying the natural environment of the region and the place of local spiritual worship. So we set out to investigate Canada. When we get to the place things get complicated. It turns out that there is no living soul in the town. It looks as if all of them suddenly evaporated. We’ll find a smoldering fireplace where someone recently added wood, turned on radio, TV. Even so, there is no living soul around. Does the story sound good? I think so too. Although I’m not a fan of the adventure games genre, I was very positive towards Kona. Unfortunately, the longer I played the more my enthusiasm went out. The winter coat, which at first captivated me, after an hour of gameplay began to tire me. Where I did not go all around me was white, monotonous, the same.

To this, a uniform weather aura overwhelms the visual imperfections of Kona. The graphics are very average, though I did not notice any blatant bugs or bugs. The soundtrack is probably the most irritating part of Parabolic production. The guitar taps lead to frenzy after a few minutes. After a few dozen I had nausea. As if this was said by Darek Szpakowski: “Massacre”. The narrative monologues that express the description of the environment, situation, or thoughts of the hero are also unsuccessful. Moments are unnecessary, very strange, or irrational ridiculous. Well I complained, it is now time to move on to the positive aspects of Kona. Parabolic production, as a detective adventure, will provide us with a lot of thinking and exploration. To solve any of our problems, we need to tear the area to find the object or clue we need. There is a lot of it, so lovers of the genre should be satisfied. An interesting solution in the Horse is to integrate survival elements into the adventure. We have to make sure we do not get cold. We can warm up in the car, or in one of the abandoned places. Just pick up the wood, find the matches and we can warm up before the next chill. In such places we also have the option to save the game state. We will also need food and weapons, so that we can protect ourselves against wildlife. It is hard to judge the horse very clearly. The game has its pros and cons. There is a chance that some of the annoying aspects of the game will still be eliminated or patched, but it is a title that is available early in Steam, and we can count on patches. At this moment I can say that this title does not appeal to me. Adventure fans, however, can find something in this title.

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