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Inner Chains is an FPS game for PCs and consoles. During the fun we explore the dreaded biomechanical world, which most people just dream of is to tear us apart. The production offers a great deal of freedom to choose the way to the goal and methods of fighting enemies. Inner Chains is a Windows-based PC based first-person shooter in a horror setting. This is the debut project of the Telepaths’ Tree studios in Warsaw, founded by native industry veterans who previously worked for CD Projekt Red, People Can Fly and Flying Wild Hog. The game takes us to the dreaded biomechanical world and tells us to fight for survival at every turn.


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Description of the game

All of the sites were designed to give players a sense of confusion and uncertainty, but they also function in the author’s creation of the universe. Much of the storyline is revealed through exploration, allowing us to independently explore further pieces of knowledge about the world of Inner Chains. Inner Chains is a classic FPS game. So we watch action from the hero’s eyes, and the fun is mainly to explore the world and eliminate enemies. The maps are largely open, and the whole design has been designed to provide almost always alternative routes. We also get a lot of freedom when choosing methods to eliminate enemies. In particular, the elements of the environment are particularly helpful in depriving the enemies of life. Inner Chains PC Windows version offers attractive 3D graphics, based on the Unreal Engine 4 engine. In the development of the look of the site and the main source of inspiration were the works of Polish artist and founder of Telepaths’ Tree, Tomasz Strzalkowski.

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Story of game

Inner Chains is a horror shooter prepared by the Polish Telepaths Tree studio. The team includes, among others, the authors of Ancient Space, BulletStorm, PainKiller, Gears of War, Dying Light, Hard West, Godfire: Rise of Prometheus and The Witcher 3: Wild Gon. The creators have decided to offer players a story in which they will find their way into the dark, biomechanical world. This place once was a beautiful land, but without human intervention, nature began to adapt the land and thus reclaim what was once taken over by the people. As a consequence, it is the world – the title Inner Chains – is the enemy’s biggest enemy, because nature has also begun to adapt the encountered animals to create biomechanical monsters. The main hero of the position is one of the inhabitants of the depressing area, who once decided to get out of the nightmare. She wants to reach a mythical place called Last Hope and start a new, better life. However, it will not be a simple trip through the green clearings, during the journey the protagonist discovers that he did not really know the horrors of living in the Inner Chains. The only rescue plan is to fight against opponents, gaining more powerful weapons and exploring other locations.

Inner Chains is a horror action game by Telepaths’ Tree. Inner Chains is the first studio project, but it consists entirely of experienced people who have worked on titles such as The Witcher, Bulletstrom and Hard Reset. The creators take us to the world in a science fiction convention, in which the boundary between biological and mechanical life begins to blur. Each board offers several ways to target, most of them are horror classics – dark woods, cemeteries, temples, etc. In the production of the elements of the shooter, the game also uses the environment against the enemies. The title is carefully crafted using the Unreal Engine 4 graphical engine. The game features quite a few psychedelic elements.

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