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Impact Winter is a PC-based adventure game focused on survival. The player embarks on a man who must survive with a survivor group for thirty days in a world where there is an endless winter. For this purpose he goes on expeditions in search of food and other supplies, fights with animals, cope with illnesses and injuries and takes care of living companions. Impact Winter is a Windows PC survival survival game with RPG elements. It was developed by the British studio Mojo Bones, which previously dealt mainly with mobile projects, such as the warm welcome The Curse and The Voyage.


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Description of the game

Impact Impact Winter is set to take place in 2018. The vision of the future presented by the authors is not optimistic. The collision of the Earth with a powerful asteroid has led to the release of dense dust that blocks the sun’s rays. As a result, there was a sharp drop in temperature across the planet and its surface covered a thick layer of snow. The player enters into a man named Jacob Solomon, who along with four other survivors must survive in these conditions. At the beginning of the game, the hero of the robot Ako-Light receives a message saying that the helicopter is on the way, but the rescue will take thirty days to reach the rescuers. Our task is to keep the group alive long enough to wait for their arrival. In terms of gameplay released on PC Windows Impact Winter is an action adventure game focused on survival aspects. The base of the base is the church from which we go on an expedition looking for food and other supplies. The remaining four survivors never leave shelter, and their behavior is controlled by artificial intelligence modules.

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Story of game

At the same time, each of these characters has a unique set of skills and regular use of their help is vital to survival. Keeping alive is not easy. Jacob is forced to deal with low temperatures and the risk of frostbite, hunger, thirst, and various injuries. During travel we also encounter aggressive animals. Our hero is not defenseless, but the fight is a challenge, and every cartridge is of gold. We must also take care of the morale of our comrades. Survival facilitates the crafting system, allowing the remaining survivors to build new items. There was also an option to improve the base and help us during the robotic expedition. The game was designed to dynamically create a different storyline each time we make our own decisions, as well as numerous random events. The latest Mojo Bones studio tempts a vision of a lonely post-apocalyptic exploration, filled with snow in the wilderness searching for everything that will allow us to survive, even a few days longer. The game was announced as survival with RPG elements, which in theory can give us endless possibilities to go through the game in various ways, experimenting with the mechanics of the game and achieving different results every time you finish the game. We check how far the creators managed to achieve this effect. In Impact Winter, we play Jacob Solomon, who heads a four-member group of survivors. Together with them, we hide from the deadly cold in a snow-covered church. This is the only shelter we managed to find after the asteroid hit the ground and completely cooled its climate, almost instantly killing all forms of life exposed to low temperatures. Among the apocalypse there is hope when the droid – Ako-Light – belonging to one of the survivors intercepts a radio signal, which indicates that the rescue team will reach us in 30 days to take us from the freezing hell.

Here our role begins, because as the only man in the power of the survivors, we take responsibility for the fate of the survivors. The relationship between us and the other members of the group can be called a co-operation. It is true that we accept the murderous coldness, the wildlife, and the dangers of the outside world, but each of the survivors has a certain knowledge and is able to create valuable items from the junk we find, which greatly increases our chances of survival. Moreover, while pursuing a task assigned by a given person, we simultaneously develop the plot of the story, and we decide on the path that our hero follows. And so Wendy is able to make full-fledged meals, and Blane is a survival expert and teaches us about wildlife hunting. Chris is a techie who watches over the droid and allows him to modernize. Maggie is a stereotypical handyman who is willing to build useful tools or devices. Depending on which thread we choose to pursue, we will gain additional benefits, and the list of items that the members of the group will be able to create for us will be extended. We must remember, however, that it is up to us whether the group gathered in the church will be full, warm and full of energy. If we are indifferent to their needs, they will change their attitude towards us, and they will start to argue with each other and in extreme situations they will detach themselves from the group, taking away some of the precious stocks. Meeting the needs of group members is crucial to completing the game, and even if we are alone in the wilderness, we will have to return to the base of the pool from time to time to replenish supplies of food, drinking water or add fuel to the campfire. Creators very much exposed this aspect of the game and often on the screen will show information about the current status of individual statistics of each member of the group, and from the menu level we can check which parameters will fall or rise and what is the dynamics of this phenomenon.

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